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Axie’s Terrarium Pre-sale postponed

The game is refusing to compromise its quality and is re-scheduling the date of their pre-sale

Axie Infinity is a strong contester when it comes to the best games of 2018, launching different updates constantly and classifying for Gameunculus’s Weekly pick on several occasions, but that doesn’t mean that things will always go according to plan. At the beginning of November, the Axie’s team released a statement with several updates they wanted to shared with the community, and one of those updates mentioned that they would be having their first Terrarium pre-sale, which was initially scheduled for the first days of December. November went by and on the very last day they announced on Twitter that the official release date for the pre-sale would be January 7th .

This date was meant to represent the New Year’s celebrations. Oh well, we are sorry to inform you that you’ll have to wait another 2 weeks before getting your hands on their coveted chests, each containing different customizable Terrariums and special items. They have said they would be pushing the pre-sale in order to make it live up to Axie’s standards, and give people what they deserve.

Since day one Axies have strived to build a solid community to rely on and get feedback from. They have stated that this is a privilege not all games have and it looks like they don’t want to disappoint them. They even threw in a tutorial back in December on how to play. So it makes sense that on Friday 4th Axies tweeted an apology for having to delay their pre-sale launch to January 21st and they seized the moment to give us a sneak peak at what’s to come – you know, the picture above. So now you got a couple more weeks to gear up and go for it when it finally launches. There are going to be four different types of chests for sale – common, rare, epic and mystic – all including one Terrarium and different items, each with its own qualities and uniqueness. We have to highlight the following: Terrariums and its items will make PVE a much more interesting experience since they are, well, the environment. You can customize them and have all sorts of different battle-scenarios.

You can sign up for their Terrarium pre-sale here and let’s hope they don’t reschedule again because honestly, Gameunculus cannot wait any longer to build a nice little cave-like home for his babies – I mean Axies. Remember to follow him on Twitter and join his Discord and Telegram chats to keep up with all the new year's craziness.

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