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Gameunculus’s Choice #8: New Year Special

It’s a new year, a new Gameunculus and a new weekly pick! We’re presenting some of the highlights of the start of 2019.

A new year has begun, and with it, a new set of challenges arise. 2018 saw the birth and rise of the loveliest purple crypto mascot out there, and hopefully 2019 will be the year where he takes over the world. To celebrate such joyous occasion, this week we are covering some of the best contests and special sales that are related to the new year. Come on everybody! Let’s dive deep into 2019 and get this proverbial crypto bread. Since the wacky world of crypto games never stops, we are also covering this week’s most expensive items, courtesy of nonfungible.

The Cuties make some New Year’s resolutions

Remember when you promised to enter the gym and start exercising? Right before you hit the McDonalds drive-thru? Yeah, New Year’s resolutions are a pain in the neck and more often than not are there only for us to hate the very idea of what we’ve become. Luckily, our beloved Blockchain Cuties live in a much happier world, so let’s hope that their New Year’s resolutions stick! By adopting the popular saying “The only place free of problems is the cemetery” as their motto, they’re taking the challenges of 2019 head-on. For 2019, the Cuties team is promising more new content, transparency and perfecting TRON integration as some of their resolutions. More importantly, however, is the fact that the Cuties have set streamlining their game as a very important goal for this year, which could potentially mean a lot of new players joining the Cuties fever.

CryptoKitties releases Kitties inspired by crypto influencers

Changpeng Zhao and Jeremy Allaire were amongst the most recognizable and highly-valued figures of crypto in 2018. To pay homage to their legacy and contributions to the blockchain technology, the original crypto pets decided to turn them into non-fungible tokens. Better yet, these Kitties (aptly named Catzy and Purremy Allaire) will be distributed to the playerbase through the process of a silent auction, donating all of the proceeds to a charity, depending on the Kitty that you decide to purchase. While at first glance this doesn’t seem like a game-changing event in the world of crypto games, things like these help crypto games make a more tangible impact in the real world, something that is greatly benefficial for bringing new players abroad.

Just in case that does not appeal to you, you can also be part of a contest to win a Kittified version of yourself here.

Exoplanets accompanies its beta launch with a mining contest

Exoplanet is a game where all of the planets that are on NASA's database are tokenized; they are a somewhat new player on the field, since their beta was released just before Christmas day. They have started 2019 with a bang, however, as the success of their beta is now being accompanied by an exciting contest. The contest will pit every player against each other in a mining competition: the three players that mine the most resources will receive prizes in the form of ETH and an Exoplanet. The contest runs until the 14th of January, so there’s still plenty of time for you to catch up if you’re just finding out about this now. You also get to keep all of the resources mined during this period, so if you don’t win you won’t leave empty-handed. You can read more information about the contest here.

CryptoFights hosts Loot chest pre-sale with community rewards

Another pre-sale that started at the beginning of the year, CryptoFights are offering more than 3,500 loot chests with a wide variety of prizes within them. One of the most coveted prizes that are hidden inside these chests are the so-called Legendary Armors, which have never been distributed before, so you can imagine how special these little chests are. Additionally, every single chest purchase adds one point to the community rewards prize pool, which consists of 11 different prizes depending on how many chests are sold. As the name implies, the community rewards will be given to every player that takes part of the pre-sale, so you might want to consider taking part of it. At the time of writing, 1,165 chests had been sold, which falls just short of unlocking the 5th reward (Sword of Kingdom).

Best-selling items

After a couple of weeks of not having much to write about, CryptoKitties are back at the top. Last time that happened it was in one of our first installments of our Weekly Pick, where Kitty #250 took the lead by being sold for $1,257. Well, this week is more than just a return to form for the Kitties, because this week’s Kitty almost doubles his aforementioned brethren. That’s right, this little matey right here was sold for 17.945 ETH, or $2,400.13. What makes this little cabin boy so valuable is his unique apparel. He’s one of the few Gen 0 Kitties of the Shipcat Fancy type, making him highly coveted. If you want another Gen 0 Shipcat Fancy Cat you’ll have to dish out anything between 236.8 to 955.9 ETH. Yikes. Oh, one last little thing, this funky little dude was once sold for 0,898 ETH or $418.5. We’re just gonna let that sink in for a minute.

You know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Well, not quite. But still, considering that Decentraland seemed to have an iron grip over the first spot of our weekly pick, it’s still surprising to see them fall to the second place. As expected, this parcel of land is adjacent to the road, but there are not too many more great things to say about this piece of land. Now, you might be asking yourself: how on earth a parcel of land that’s not too exciting still gets the second place? Well, for that you have to refer to the average item price. Sure, Decentraland is constantly fighting for the top spot for the most expensive NFT item, but considering that you have to pay around $1,000 for an average parcel of land, then their hefty sales start to make more sense. Additionally, only 67 Decentraland transactions were made this week, and when you compare that to the 2,896 of CryptoKitties, then it becomes that much clearer that CryptoKitties were the real winners this week.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a newcomer in terms of NFTs listed in Nonfungible, Etheremon. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this Vernirox was just included for for some sort of beginner’s luck. This guy's the real deal. First of all, the official page of Vernirox lists that only 12 of them have ever been caught. Add to that that it can’t lay eggs and that he has literally been listed as uncatchable, so yeah, you won’t be finding any random Vernirox laying around anytime soon. Vernirox by itself is pretty rad, too. The… ehr… Etherdex? describes it as a “beast of destruction known as a divine act of God who once wreaked havoc using its earth power. It was punished for its great damage”. Jesus. I guess it’s no wonder why this Vernirox was the second most expensive Etheremon ever. Like, ever.

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