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Fortnite accepting Monero payments

The AAA sensation is embracing crypto – but not tokenization...

During the holidays, Gameunculus spent every moment (that he wasn't drinking) analyzing all the "Year in Review" articles he could find. Most of them came to one conclusion: 2018 was the Crash year, but it was also the year of great strides in blockchain innovation and adoption! Speaking of – did you guys hear that Fortnite, that game with all the dances, is accepting Monero??

Yep. Its merchandise store accepts crypto payments exclusively in Monero. While Fortnite is not a blockchain-based game, its decision to incorporate crypto is worth mentioning. This game has over 125 million players worldwide and an annoyingly huge pop culture presence. The fact that AAA videogame companies are getting all intimate with crypto is a symptom of gaming etching ever closer to becoming one with the blockchain; inching closer to fulfilling its one true destiny.

GloBee – a service that specializes on processing crypto payments for retailers – has been integrated into Retail Row, Fortnite's merch store. We know that GloBee also allows retailers to accept payments in BTC, LTC and XRP, so we are curious to see whether in the future Fortnite incorporates these coins as well. Would be cool.

Monero's thing is that it's much more anonymous than BTC, ETH and other coins, and has been associated to malicious online activity in the past. So we do have to wonder... why's Fortnite picking the shady coin as its only accepted cryptocurrency? Especially when they've already had crypto scams on their game before??

It may just be that, like Gameunculus, Danger is their middle name. Tell us what you think: is it good to see big centralized games embracing crypto? Or is this just a way to appear hip and modern without actually committing to tokenizing items? Tell us on Twitter, Discord or Telegram. We're dying to chat with someone.

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