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An interview with a top cryptogamer. Part 2

Artem CryptoZombie, the guy who earned thousands of $ on cryptogames, shares his opinion on the outcomes of 2018 and the prospects for 2019.

Remember the first part of our Interview with a top cryptogamer, which told you how much money a smart guy could earn on cryptogames? Today’s Part 2 is about the best and the worst games of 2018, gaming blockchains, the outcomes of the year and the industry’s prospects for 2019.

Q: Which are the most important events of 2018 in the cryptogames world?

A: For me, they are:

  • Launch of the first game on EOS
  • Blockchain Games Alliance creation
  • Two Crypto Games Conferences

Q: What do you think of the new blockchains for gaming, such as TRON, EOS and NEO? Will they solve Ethereum’s problems?

A: I’m not a technical expert, but as an active dapps user I can say that EOS seems to be the best. I don’t think that the “user always pays” model, which is quite natural for Ethereum, has the right to life now. My experience of using EOS dapps is much more pleasant compared to Eth, even with the latest CPU problems. There are players who wouldn’t play ETH games even if the fees were lower. Though there are players who don’t play EOS games for fear of the difficulties with account creation. They got used to Ethereum, but EOS is completely different and really new (only 6 months have passed since the mainnet launch), and it can be a bit discouraging. That being said, there are already lots of guides and services that help users to get acquainted with EOS.

I can’t say anything definitive of Neo. I’ve heard of Nachomen, but it hasn’t impressed me. There’s also the project, but its release has already been pushed 3 months, there’s still no exact launch date, and the demo didn’t meet my expectations.

TRON has just started its journey into cryptogames, and it’s difficult to predict the outcomes. Blockchain Cuties, Chibi Fighters and Everdragons are launching on TRON, and I wonder how many users will play them in a couple of months. I’ve heard that TRON is quite cheap for developers, and it has a unique user base. I can’t really decide whether I like TRON or not, mostly because I haven’t explored it in greater detail.

If you don’t like either Ethereum with its high gas prices, or EOS with its CPU problems, I’d choose POA Network. This sidechain did pretty well with DopeRaiders and Everdragons.

I’ve recently came across the Loom Network during the CryptoWars alpha test, and got quite involved. I liked the fact that you don’t need Metamask and the absence of commissions, but something went wrong and one hour after the alpha test launch transactions hadn’t been confirmed. Hope they’ll deal with it, cause using dapps without any additional software is an enormous step towards the users’ comfort.

Q: Is there any point in looking for games on new chains?

A: Soon we probably won’t have to choose. I hope that multiblockchain trend will continue. Blockchain Cuties is available on 3 platforms: ETH, EOS, TRON. All these chains have their own unique users.

Q: Which non-ethereum games can you play right now to make money?

A: You can still make money on EOS Knights, and Blockchain Cuties on EOS also looks promising, though the game itself is rather old.

Q: What’s your personal game top of 2018?

A: DopeRaider, Axie Infinity, WAR FIELD, EOSKnights.

Q: And which games have disappointed you the most?

A: Token Tycoon (it could be a top game if it were not for the problems with the devs) and Wizards One (dashed the hopes).

Q: Will blockchain come to top mainstream games?

A: If it ever happens, then it won’t be soon. We need the demand for that, but most traditional gamers don’t even know or understand the pros of blockchain. There are still lots of technical limitations, and the projects with a big audience couldn’t be launched on blockchain. Not in the next year’s time, for sure. I think that big mainstream gaming projects can adopt some monetization schemes with tokens, but blockchain usage will be minimized.

Q: Does it make sense to buy game tokens?

A: If it’s possible to make money on and you can do it, then why not?

Q: Which would you buy right now?

A: I’d rather not answer that, cause it can be considered as a financial advice :)

That’s all for stocktaking, bye-bye, 2018! And if you’re still waiting for some useful practical advice on how to start playing crypto games yourself, okay, you’ll get it next time, in Part 3. Join our Discord and Telegram chats to tell Gameunculus how guileful he is.

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