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Decentraland unveils Forest Plaza

And you can check out the interactive 3D map here!

Crash course: Decentraland is a VR platform running on Ethereum. The platform represents a map of a Metaverse which is divided into parcels of LAND (tokenized bits of the Metaverse, if you will). On these pieces of land you can find themed spaces called Plazas. Ok, enough recapping.

The latest to be unveiled is Forest Plaza, created by Fabian Orrego. Its future location on the map is still unknown, but it looks awesome so wherever it is, Gameunculus thinks it'll drive up the price of the surrounding land quite a bit.

In the dry, technical words of Orrego, Forest Plaza is a "lowpoly forest plaza made in Blender for Decentraland VR, land area: 200x200m, texture: Color atlas 512x512px". We strongly recommend you check out this Sketchfab 3D interactive model of the Forest Plaza, which is much more engaging than that robot description. The things kids can do these days with computers...

If you wanna see more stuff that'll make you consider investing in this game, check out Orrego's other creations, Medieval scene and Vegas Plaza, which you can experience in VR here, if you got the VR headset for it.

Last month, Decentraland integrated with The Kyber Network and completed an auction of LAND that sold off 9,331 parcels, amounting to a total of 109,521,854 MANA, or $6.6M.

Are you excited to make your own masterpiece, just like Orrego? Think you can match him or even top him? Is your name Cecilia Giménez? Let me Google that for ya to freshen up that memory of yours:

If so, check out the Decentraland SDK, which contains the API, tools, and documentation that developers need to build interactive 3D content that can be hosted on LAND.

If any of you has got any masterpieces up on Decentraland yet, send us a pic, why dontcha. You can do so through Twitter, Discord or Telegram. It's easy!

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