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ExoPlanets is having a mining contest

The intergalactic game is celebrating the New Year with an out-of-this-world competition

Gameunculus had never written about ExoPlanets before, but is now delighted to inform you about the game’s latest news. If you haven’t heard of it, let us tell you what it's about directly from the source “a blockchain game that allows you to own, collect, sell and play with scientifically accurate planets — ERC721s — outside of our solar system”. Here, you create life, and the goal is to make it evolve while you send spaceships to mine resources — tokens — in other smaller planets. See? It's different from 0xUniverse...

The in-game currency is the ExoToken — standardized ERC20 tokens — and they will be available for exchanges somewhere in the near future. They also have a CryptoMatch mechanism that will link ExoPlanet to one of CoinMarketCap’s top 50 cryptocurrencies. The real crypto market will affect the evolution rate of your planet, among other things.

One of the coolest things about this game is that there are — and will only ever be — 3,700 planets, which is the number of planets currently on NASA’s database. So if you get into it now, ExoPlanets can only get more scarce with time, just like your brain cells, women in your life, hair on top of your head… the New Year hit us hard. Anyways, you can add value to your Planet if you care for it.

So now, the real reason you came here, the mining contest. The competition — which started on January 1st — will give away 9 ETH and 3 ExoPlanets in total to 3 lucky winners. You can compete until January 14th. Between those dates, the ExoPlanets beta game timer will be adjusted every hour. This means new rounds and 100 new resources every time the timer hits refresh. The winners will be the players that mine the most ExoTokens during these two weeks.

  • First place: 5 ETH + 17% life rate TRON ExoPlanet

  • Second place: 3 ETH+ 12% life rate NEO ExoPlanets

  • Third place: 1 ETH + 8% liferate Dogecoin ExoPlanet

In addition to the competition, they’re having a special ExoPlanet sale in case you don’t own one. To be part of their mining contest go to this site, read the rules, and start mining. And to top it all off, you can keep EVERY ExoToken you mine during the competition, yaaay!

Winners will be announced between the 14th and the 18th of January. If you haven’t started yet, then ruuuuuun to your desktop, join in the fun and try to catch up with the hundreds of tokens already mined.

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