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CryptoKitties pays tribute to blockchain tech heroes

Nobody is safe from the custom Kitties craze—not even you

To celebrate that we made it out of 2018 alive, CoinDesk made a list to honor the most influential crypto people of 2018. And what better way to celebrate than converting them into NFTs while donating proceeds to charity? Today we are talking about Changpeng Zhao and Jeremy Allaire and his CryptoKitties counterparts, Catzy and Purremy Allaire.

Changpeng Zhao (or “CZ” for short) is in this list for being one of the most renowned crypto entrepreneurs and the person responsible for Binance. On the other hand, Jeremy Allaire is a world-renowned veteran responsible for projects such as ColdFusion, HomeSite and most recently Circle, a finance company that aims to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream. No scrubs here, only the cream of the crop.

What’s even better is that all proceeds made from the sales of these buddies will be donated to a specific charity, depending on the NFT of your choice. Any Catzy purchase will contribute to Binance’s Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), while Purremy’s proceeds will go towards the International Rescue Committee (IRC). To get one, you must guess their value and bid for them here.

If you’re not feeling charitable or if none of the NFTs convince you, the Kitties have you covered. They are currently hosting a contest to immortalize the lucky winner into a purry n’ furry NFT! To read the rules and register for the contest, click here. I bet you’ve wondered how precious you’d look if you were ever converted into a Kitty countless times.

It’s… very pretty!

To be a part of the contest you only need your e-mail, though engaging with the Kitties on Twitter, Facebook or Telegram will improve your odds. The winner will be revealed on January 31st, so there’s still plenty of time for everybody to join in.

Since he didn’t make it in, Gamie has decided to take part in the contest as well. Here’s hoping that his smart quips and impish commentary will help him make the cut in the 2019 crypto influencer list. In the meantime, come and chat with us about these new Kitties and any other crypto gaming topic in our Twitter or Telegram (

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