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Forest knights winter pre-sale!

The game announced their winter extravaganza and other surprises

We know Gameunculus has been a little off-the-radar- lately, still suffering from the Christmas hangover, but he’s fully recovered and ready for the New Year, and he’s brought some goodies for you.

Forest Knights—still a work in progress—has announced they’ll be launching their first unique items pre-sale! The items for sale are the winter chests: mystery chests, each of them containing 1 out of 12 exclusive items, and we mean EXCLUSIVE. These special winter themed items—which btw are powered by Enjin—can never be replicated. They’ll cost USD$25 and you can pay either in crypto or fiat.

These unique Forrest Knights items promise to be super rare and are supposed to carry a lot of power. You’ll regret it if you don’t get yours during the pre-sale, which goes live on January 10th at 15:00 Pacific time.

In case you haven’t heard of this game yet, well… shame on you. The mission here is to send your Expedition Knights on quests to the Ice World to fight monsters and get exclusive loots from them. The loots are inside Winter Chests and their scarcity and value will depend on the Monster beaten. The game was created by Chrono games and powered by Enjin, one of the great innovators in blockchain and crypto tech. Remember, they have made ERC-1155 transactions a piece of pie (damn it, now I want pie) and are currently working on a massive launch for the game with the hopes of bringing Enjin to the mainstream. The team behind Forest knights hopes to deliver the game to their subjects during the first quarter of 2019, but have stated that if they feel it necessary they will push the game’s release to the Q2.

They’re also hosting a contest for their—semi-new—Discord community where they’ll be gifting 5 Winter Chest to 5 members. In addition to this they hold other contests regularly with the Forest Knights community and is precisely there where they have chosen to bring the honorable Goblin knight Sir Gob-Gob, who will open all Winter Chests when the time comes. Last but not least, they have designed a system to reward honorable knights who support the kingdom, so for every milestone reached, every owner of these winter chests will receive the following items:

  • 250 chests→ Dagger of Brotherhood
  • 500 chests→ Ice sword
  • 1,000 chests→ Ancient Bone Bow
  • 2,000 chests→ Elder Staff
  • 3,000 chests→ Shard Sword
  • 5,000 chests→ Emperor’s Vicious Axe

We know you can’t wait for this pre-sale to begin, but in the meantime go to Gameunculus Telegram to build the hype and follow him on Twitter for more cool news.

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