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Start this year right with this CryptoFights pre-sale

More than 3,500 loot chests are up for grabs in this pre-sale, with lots of prizes for the top spenders and the whole community.

The festivities haven’t started yet, but Gameunculus knows that New Year’s Day is a time when inhibitions are at an all-time low. This is why he’s planting information about the CryptoFights pre-sale into your brain now, so you can spend the first day of the year purchasing loot chests instead of waking up hungover next to your shits-for-brain ex or the first breathing entity you stumbled upon at 5 AM. Hey, at least this pre-sale won’t have you rushing into the doctor’s office for an STD check, right?

The pre-sale, which will start on January 1st at 12pm EST, gives you a chance at obtaining limited-edition loot, such as Early Adopter, Genesis Zero and Founders items. Additionally, some of the 3,500 loot chests will contain for the first time ever Legendary Armor. This type of item has never been released before, so saying that it’s just a big deal is an understatement.

Just look at this little buddy. He represents every CryptoFights player, lusting over the Legendary armor Death’s Embrace.

Don’t be thinkin’ that everybody and their grandma will be strutting about merrily with their Death’s Embrace, though. Each loot will contain only one item, which will contain one of the following:

  • CryptoFights MFT (which includes a Founders Weapon Bundle as well as PERPETUAL in-game rewards)
  • Genesis Zero weapons
  • Early Adopters weapons, which have a “EA” symbol (nothing to do with Electronic Arts, thankfully)
  • Other special weapons, such as the user-designed Zolfaghar
  • The aforementioned Legendary armor

Luckily, there is only greatness within these chests, no bullcrap. This is great too, because these chests will be selling like hotcakes, and there is a set of community rewards that will be given to all players who take part in the pre-sale. There are 11 different milestones with increasingly awesome rewards, ranging from a Bloody Axe (100 chest purchases) to a mighty Staff of Ethereum (3,300 purchases), so you better hurry if you want to be elligible for the community rewards. You can check the full list of rewards here.

You will be able to purchase loot chests with crypto and fiat money via PayPal. Each chest can be purchased for $25 USD, but we both know that you’ll probably be buying more than one. Actually, there are prizes for the 10 accounts that make the most purchases (1 CryptoFights MFT and 1 of every Early Adopter weapon), so you better save some money during your New Year’s celebrations.

Are you excited about this pre-sale? Why don’t you come and tell us how excited you are in our twitter or telegram? You can stop by and wish Gamie a happy new year too!

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