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An interview with a top cryptogamer. Part 1

Artem CryptoZombie has already earned thousands of $ on cryptogames. Learn how exactly he did that.

Today we are interviewing a cryptogamer. His name is Artem, his nick is CryptoZombie, and he’s got his own cryptogaming site and a number of chats and channels on the same subject. You’re a crypto gamer too and you don’t care? Well, have you earned thousands of $ playing cryptogames? If the answer is yes, then Gameunculus allows you not to read this interview. But if you’re a guy who only got $50 after selling a CryptoKitty on a hype, please, make yourself comfortable and learn from the master.

Q: What games have you played?

A: I have a huge experience in traditional gaming. I used to make money on FPS games like CS 1.6 and Quake 3 Arena for winning tournaments. Now I’m a cryptogames fan, and I’m actively involved in playing, testing and helping devs. I’ve played almost 15 games and tested 10. Here are some of them: DopeRaider, EOS Knights,, Blockchain Cuties, Axie Infinity, WAR FIELD, Dragonereum, TokenTycoon, Everdragons and Glitch Goons.

Q: How much money have you made on them?

A: Two games were the most profitable for me. The first one was DopeRaider on POA Network. I earned around 6000 POA (after all expenses deducted) in 2 weeks. It was $700-900 at that moment. That was the game which helped me realize that cryptogames were not just for leisure. The second game was WAR FIELD. I made more than $2000 in 150 hours, or $12-14 per hour. EOS Knights was bringing me 1 EOS per day. The other earnings are more modest, and playing some games resulted in losses.

Q: Do you invest money in cryptogames?

A: Yes. The last pre-sale I took part in was the one of War Riders.

Q: What strategy do you pursue?

A: Games are related to passion, and it’s very important to manage risks for me and not to lose more than I can afford.

Q: How much money does one need to start playing cryptogames?

A: It depends. The minimum in some games can reach $100, in others it’s $10. And the latest trend is free-to-play games.

Q: Is it possible to make a living playing cryptogames?

A: It’s possible if you’re a pro, but there’s lack of stability. You can profit from one game and lose from another, and you always need to be careful. Today you’re on top of the world, but tomorrow there may be someone better than you. Besides, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile. But I’m glad that the number of cryptogames keeps increasing, and you always can switch to another project.

Q: What sums can you really earn?

A: It depends on game’s economy, the number of users and their activity. I always yearn for $8 per hour or more. It’s challenging but not impossible. Not every game will allow you to earn that much, and when I say “per hour” it doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting profit every hour. In some games it takes up to several weeks to make a mega successful deal. I simply divide the total profit by the time spent in game. Btw, you can play various games at a time. I’ve recently played 4 games and tested some more. And you should always stride to be among the best players, cause the highest return is distributed among top players. You sometimes need to invest to get in the top.

Q: How much time do you need?

A: FPS games need you to fully concentrate on them. For me, 2-3 hours a day are enough. But there are games which don’t require your attention every second. You can log in, check your character, make a move or put an item for sale, and return in an hour. You can even play such games at work if you have free time or your boss doesn’t mind. And you can play many games like that simultaneously. In general, if you want to earn well, you’ll need to spend no less than 8 hours a day on playing, training, building strategies and searching for newer projects to keep up-to-date.

Q: Have you ever made money on collectibles which actually have no gameplay, and all the earnings come from trading?

A: Collectibles give you huge opportunities for earning. Just remember CryptoKitties: the most expensive was sold for 600 ETH, $172k at the moment of purchase.

Q: Which is the most promising cryptogaming genre in terms of earnings? Why?

A: It’s not about the genre, it depends on the game’s economy and players activity.

Q: Have you ever been scammed or just spent money on a game that didn’t recoup investments?

A: There was one case with Token Tycoon. The game looked exciting, but the developers haven’t launched several projected features. Add to that terrible community management: the developers didn’t get in touch to answer the questions and finally disappeared. Players who invested on early stages have lost huge sums. I estimate ~700 ETH overall losses. It’s a pity that this happens sometimes in cryptogaming. No one is 100% safe from these risks.

Q: Do you take part in airdrops or giveaways?

A: Sure! I follow them closely. It’s a chance to start a game with minimum investments. I’ve recently won a Crypto Wars giveaway.

Q: Do you usually play solo or in a team?

A: Some games require teamwork. For example, we’ve recently tested Prospectors, and the only thing you can do to survive and win there is to play in a team. Some other games are just for solo-play.

Q: Are there any schemes for team play?

A: Build a monopoly on the internal market, stage a team raid to defeat opponents, build a guild or a clan. Pump&dump schemes will also do, just like in real life.

Q: Where can you find the biggest cryptogaming communities?

A: In USA, Latvia, China, some CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) and some other European countries.

Q: Where’s the most hype?

A: I think it’s in the US.

Q: Are there any cool schemes to earn more?

A: Any fair and legal will do :)

Q: Do you think you can earn more on WAR FIELD? How much longer will it be possible?

A: Anybody can earn in WAR FIELD, especially if they have some experience in FPS games. It may become more challenging for me if lots of professional gamers come to WAR FIELD. But if I’m not able to earn, someone else will be able to for killing me. I strive to stay among the leaders in the project, and I hope I’ll be able to make money in it for as long as it lives.

That’s all for now! If you want some advice how to start earning on cryptogames, wait for part 2 of our interview with Artem CryptoZombie. And if you want to brag about your own earnings, just join our Discord and Telegram chats.

Btw, here are some links on our friend Artem’s stuff, go and check them all! But only if you speak Russian of course, cause all his materials are in Russian.




Telegram chat



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