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Gameunculus’s Choice #7: Christmas Bonanza!

Even amidst the festivities, crypto games are constantly evolving. Check what’s hot in the week of Dec. 15th to Dec. 21st.

Can you smell the cinnamon in the air? The magic that fills every house and room of the city? The glee in everybody’s faces? Yeah, neither do we. But don’t tell Gameunculus! You wouldn’t want to ruin his innocence. Here it goes. A full recap – or just the relevant stuff, really – of the holiday updates and giveaways in crypto games!

Gameunculs becomes a crypto collectable

Your collective pleas have been heard. Gameunculus, our favorite intergalactic mascot, has finally made it. In a world where Mystic, Marvel-inspired and many other famous crypto creatures coexist, a holiday giveaway is being held. This giveaway will have three lucky players receive a specific Cutie, based on Gameunculus himself. Three different varieties exist, all of which ooze Christmas cheer. All you gotta do to get one of these three very special Cuties is follow the instructions that are posted here. One of these steps involves the creation of a tweet, and the number of retweets will be a factor in deciding the winners, so the earlier you tweet the better.

The Cuties are having quite the busy Christmas, as can be shown by their two new Christmas events. The first of them is Grynchy, a brand new raid boss based on the creature that stole Christmas. The second one is a Christmas-themed adventure with an increased cooldown, featuring the Grynchy himself.

Etheremon receives a festive makeover

We’ve grown to believe that Christmas is an earth-only thing. Luckily, all sorts of crypto creatures are also hot on the Christmas fever. One such example are the Mons, who are about to debut a brand-new battle arena, which promises to improve the player’s gaming experience and will change things aesthetically within the game as well. This update is just a taste for the ever-lovely Mons, as the dev team is adamant that early 2019 will be an equally exciting team for Etheremon lovers. No. They’re not filing the paperwork to make interspecies marriage with Mons legal. Get out of here.

Hash Rush powers through a rather harsh Christmas

Etheremon aren’t the only crypto creatures that have received an aesthetic update for the holidays. The fearsome Ursara, the havok wreakers of the Hermeian galaxy, have been re-skinned and are now flaunting snow-white fur. That’s not all, though, as a fierce snowstorm has scattered presents all throughout the planet. Players will be able to actively engage with these events, so the more Ursara you kill and the more presents you collect, the better rewards you will get. Other seasonal additions have made their way into the game too, such as bounty challenges and a new social media challenge. You can read the specifics about all of them here.

Breed your very own Christmas Axie

The Axies didn’t want to fall behind in the festivities, so they decided to release their own version of a holiday event. This event will have you breeding Axies that have specific parts to obtain some limited-edition Christmas parts. These parts will offer no competitive advantage, as they will serve as alternate skins of already-existing parts. However, the holiday flair of these limited-edition skins will make them more and more valuable as time goes by. You can see the breakdown of all the different recipees to get these skins here.

Santa Claws is giving away Mistletoe CryptoKitties

We wrap up this recap of the most exciting holiday deals and events with the big man himself--Santa. Santa Claws, that is. He’s raising hell for the holidays, because he’s giving away one rare year one Kitty every day. This lasts until the 25th, where a “special fancy” Kitty will be given away. All you have to do to enter is follow their twitter account, tag a friend and retweet their pinned tweet. Easy as pie!

Best-selling items

As each week goes by, our weekly pick becomes more and more of a showcase for Decentraland and its impressive sales. As a matter of fact, if we were to take into consideration multiple transactions per game for this section, Decentraland would take all three top spots. This time around, they’re at the top of the hill once again with the 60, -48 parcel of land, traded for a whopping 77,700 MANA. As can be expected, this parcel of land is strategically located amidst several other expensive buildings and high-traffic areas. More specifically, 60, -48 is only two parcels away from a Genesis Plaza and is also not too far away from the Dragon City district. Interestingly enough, this transaction took place on December 21st, and less than 24 hours later it was traded once again. The second transaction, however, was done for 67,700 MANA, so it proved to be not the wisest of investments. This parcel of land peaked when it was first auctioned about three months ago for 90,000. This goes to show that an expensive transaction is not necessarily the best one.

Just like in real life, nothing beats real estate in terms of Christmas gifts. Kittens are not too far behind, though, as shown by the data that Gameunculus gathered. Just like last week, the most expensive Kitty of the week was nothing out of the ordinary, except for it being a Gen 0 Kitty. The main aesthetic difference this time around are those sad eyes. Just look at them and say that Virginia is not worth the 2.5 ETH that was paid for her. We double dare you. All in all, its average looks and cattributes explain its rather average price as well, especially when compared to the prices of the Decentraland transactions.

The last item we are covering this week is from Axie Infinity. The rather exotic variant of crypto pets is tailgating the aforementioned Kitty, by having less than three dollars in terms of difference. The Axie, called Frappe2, has an advantage over the Kitty above thanks to its mystic body part (Pinku Unko horn). This is pretty similar to Axie #361, which was featured in the last installment of our weekly pick, which was sold for a similar price. Judging from what has been covered in this section before, an Axie with four mystic parts can be transferred for prices as high as $4,666, which would have put this green fellow in the top of the rankings.

That wraps up our holiday special for Gameunculus’s weekly pick. Did you cave in to the pressure of the holidays and buy any crypto presents for yourself or loved ones? Why don’t you show them to us in our Twitter, Discord or Telegram?

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