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Blankos Block Party giveaway starts today

Compete in a 6-day challenge and get a chance to win your own crypto vinyl toy.

Blankos Block Party has begun a 6-day giveaway, and each day will bring you another chance to win a Blanko. These clumsy dumplings who wear acid coloured outfits and love to party hard are the collectible protagonists of Mythical Games’s new project, which received $16M funding last November.

Starting today, the devs will send you a challenge, and you’ll need to find the answer. The first task is to look at a picture and count the decorations on the Christmas tree. Remember that feeling from kindergarten, when you look at 3 apples and 2 more, and you struggle to count them in total? And you failed, and disappointed your teacher, and your mum, and didn’t even understand that your life would never be the same… Well, Blankos doesn’t want you to just count the decorations in the picture. They want you to look beyond the edge and count the decorations that are on the back side of the tree! If you’re not that powerful, then just try to guess.

The giveaway is live on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and you can join in everywhere to increase your chances. On Twitter you just need to follow @PlayBlankos and retweet their post with your answer. On Facebook and Instagram you’ll also need to tag 2 friends (and you better choose those who are interested in crypto games, or you’ll lose them forever).

The winner from each day will receive their own Blanko! Unfortunately, it won’t be until 2019, when the game launches. In the meantime, follow our Twitter for more updates and join our Discord and Telegram chats to pass the time in both pleasant and useful ways.

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