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Ether Kingdoms is giving away Cashbringer

You can win the most valuable item in the game; the giveaway starts today!

Today Ether Kingdoms started a giveaway, which will finish on December 31st. The prize is fantastic – “one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game” is how the devs describe it. And it’s called Cashbringer, which sounds really promising.

Waiting for us to share more details and to extol the mighty Cashbringer? Make everybody understand that they can’t live without this item and are ready to trade their loving granny for it? Well, sorry, we can’t. The only info we got is the Twitter post and the link to the Gleam page, where you can claim your entries and increase your chances to win.

So, what exactly do you need to do? Here’s a list:

  • Enter using Facebook
  • Answer a Question
  • Enter using Twitter
  • Retweet @imptoken on Twitter
  • Follow @imptoken on Twitter
  • Check out their Medium
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel
  • Tweet this: “I'm running for a Cashbringer, artifact from #etherkingdoms, provided by @imptoken! My metamask wallet is:”

Each task will get you 5 entries. Ugh! We got exhausted even reading this! So many tasks for a ghost of a chance (there are already 1600 entries) to win. Btw, one of the tasks is kinda creative. The question you should answer is: “What would you do with your Cashbringer?”. Guys, we don’t even know what we CAN do with it! Like… bring some cash? Are you sure the procedure of cash bringing is legal? Hope so.

If you want to win the Cashbringer, but have no idea what to do with it, join our Discord and Telegram chats! We’ll help you to get some extra entries in the giveaway for your uncontainable creativity.

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