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Meet some of the real world crypto pets

We all love our Kitties and Cuties, but these crypto devs’ actual pets deserve even more love.

Pets. Those smelly and manipulative furry creatures that love you more than your wife ever did when she was alive. Pets are such a huge deal for humans, making them the stars of crypto games was a no brainer for the devs. This made us wonder... do these devs have flesh and bone kitties and cuties of their own?

Hyper Dragon's marketer says “Yes. it is a lovely cat”. Here it is! It’s got no funky fur patterns or accesories, but it compensates by taking real poops. Liam, the community manager of Cubego, also shared his pup, who looks like it’s actually made out of cubes!

Garry Runke, the creator of the action-RPG game Chibi Fighters, told us he knows this cat. It’s not his, they just – chill from time to time. And, he has a fish, called Grumpy. I think we figured out why that cat likes to hang around Garry’s house…

Surprisingly, Vladimir Tomko, CEO and co-founder of Blockchain Cuties, has no pets of his own. “I don’t have a pet at the moment, but my parents have a dog and I love it very much”. Pics or it didn’t happen Vlad!

Head of product marketing for My Crypto Heroes, Kokushi, shared this heart-warming picture with us. His buddy might be gone now, but we could certainly say this ahem hero helped him become who he is today. Oh, what? No, it’s just something in my eye. Shut up.

Oh, you’re a tough cookie, huh? Well, the story of Sergei Labutin, CEO of Ether Dale will surely break you. Sergei adopts animals from a shelter: he now has three dogs and eight cats. Featured here is one of the three dogs, Gray, and only three cats because they’re just way too many.

What about you? Do you have a friend that you would like to show us? Show Gameunculus your pet on Twitter and Telegram, and he’ll give it some praise.

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