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Axie holiday event: breed Axies with limited edition skins

The devs reveal how you can breed some unique Christmas Axies. Breeding is available till January 18th.

That’s how Axies are gonna spend Christmas holidays – in out-of-control wild breeding, an act which will provide some unique and time-limited holiday skins for you! And when we say “skins”, we don’t mean dead axies’ skins, though they’d look terrific on the floor next to your tea table. Oh, that very special sense of comfort and peace, when the rug really ties the room together. But let’s stay on topic!

The new limited edition skins will have the same stats as the old ones, but will look completely different. How? We still don’t know, but you can follow the breeding instructions below and share your fantastic new Axie appearance with us.

There will be 6 ways to breed unique Axie skins in total; devs will reveal them later on Twitter and Discord. As Axies have 6 body parts, and holiday skins are inheritable until the deadline (which is January 18th), some lucky guys would probably breed a pure Christmas Axie! After the deadline the unique skins won’t be breedable anymore, so hurry up. Let the Great Christmas Axie Breeding begin!

What’s that? You’re an Axie breeding master, huh? Why don’t you join our Discord and Telegram chats then, and tell us how to breed a perfect one?

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