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Lumi Collect adds in-app browser

You can buy, sell, breed – and now even play your fav crypto games on this app!

You may not know Lumi Collect, the mobile Ethereum wallet for ERC-721 tokens (and other). Think of it as your personal blockchain games assistant: it manages all your collectibles and tokenized items for you, and it sometimes even performs in-game actions, like selling and breeding (it would be any normal company’s policy that you cannot employ your assistant to breed for you, but luckily crypto is a very liberal space). Now imagine this week, your assistant tells you, “good news! I’m now gonna start bringing your laptop over to you every time you wanna play crypto games on the go!“

And that is the news coming from the Lumi family today. The app has added an internal browser so you can comfortably play crypto games from your phone.

“That means that you can browse through the gaming websites just like you usually do on your PC regardless of your location!” says the Lumi Collect Medium post. That’s basically it. Like my husband’s pecker, this news was useful, but extremely short.

We’d like to point out though – this is just a normal in-app browser. It’s meant to allow you to play crypto games primarily, but you can also use it to watch porn, look up a recipe for pasta alfredo, make some xmas shopping, or play a centralized game with no crypto in it. Why would you do that though?

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