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Ready, get set, oink! The beta of Gran Ton Rismo is out

Train, prepare and race your Crypton against others to be the best racer out there.

Gran Ton Rismo is a fun and cute project where you take your Cryptons (from crypt-oink) and prep them up to compete against other Cryptons in derby-style racing. A… particular take on Playstation’s most popular racing franchise, Gran Ton Rismo is now in its Beta stage, ready for you and your friends to enjoy!

Let’s get the important questions out of the way. A racing game where I make use of Cryptons? What are those? Well, Cryptons are officially defined as “genderless creatures who inhabit the world of Ethereum”, but as you can see, they’re not that different from our earthly pals, piggies. How cute is that!

They’re the protagonist species of their proprietary crypto IP, crypt-oink. There, you can breed and trade your Cryptons at ease, much akin to other crypto games like Blockchain Cuties and CryptoKitties. However, none of them have their own racing game. You mean that I can have a cute and tradeable pet who can ALSO be a derby racing star!?

Get in boys, we can all fit inside the crypto piggies hype train!

Logically, you will need a Crypton in order to play this racing game. If you are indeed new to the Cryptons, you can always head to their official shop or the user marketplace to get your first piggie. Once you do, you can send your adorable Crypton to the gym to become more powerful and better at racing.

There’s a twist to it, though. Training takes a toll on your Crypton, and also ages it, but it’s also the way to make your Cryptons better at racing. You can train speed, power, stamina and skill fire rate, all of them being of vital importance to complete specific courses faster or faring better against certain obstacles. The devs also list that the personality of each Crypton makes it perform differently, so that has to be added into the mix as well. If you rely on picking Yoshi every time you play Mario Kart, then you might have to join the gym too, bro.

So make sure you go and pick the best suited Crypton to win. There’s also a cheering mechanic that will help your crypto swine pet overcome certain obstacles or give them a little boost when they most need ‘em, further developing that sweet sweet bond that you have with your crypto asset.

Enjoying the beta? Why don’t you leave your comments on Gameunculus’s Twitter or his Telegram chat? You’re most welcome to share your cute Crypton with us.

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