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Lumi and Gameunculus partner up

Lumi Wallet and Gameunculus partnered for cryptocollectibles thriving

Every hero needs a sidekick and Gameunculus now has a friend and a partner. Together with Lumi Wallet we're on a mission to make cryptogaming world a better place and we do it in style.

Lumi is not an ordinary crypto wallet - not just that, but, yes, that - secure, easy and user-friendly one. What we like the most is that Lumi designed an app for cryptocollectibles. Now all your kitties, puppies, spaceships, piggies and celebs (which are all, in fact, ERC-721 tokens) can be stored and managed in one place. You can also control your collection from your mobile, not only desktop like with other popular wallets.

As you know (and if you still don’t, just check it on our site) cryptocollectibles make up a huge part of all cryptogames. Gameunculus is totally happy to find the wallet mostly oriented on cryptocollectors. Together with Lumi we’re making cryptogaming safer and more accessible. In addition, it’s always cool to have a partner who can cheer you up with a bunch of fresh cryptokitties bright and early.

Oink, oink, my friend, or fancy pigs on blockchain
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