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Blockchain Cuties & Gameunculus giveaway!

Hurry up to win 3 unique Christmas cuties.

Blockchain Cuties and Gameunculus partnered up to give away 3 little purple-haired cuties with sarcastic smiles. Don’t they remind you of anyone? The giveaway starts on December 17th and ends January 10th.

Kids, Gameunculus has told you about dozens of giveaways, but this one is very special, and not just because it's Christmas. Sit around the Xmas tree (or keep sitting at your computer) and listen up.

Some months ago, Blockchain Cuties and Gameunculus, who love each other very much, merged in a tangle of kisses and embraces, and here’s the result: three purple Gameunculus Cuties, now awaiting for some kind people to adopt them. Gameunculus Cuties are here, Christmas is near, and you might be lucky enough to win one of the former while celebrating the latter!

Gameunculus Cuties are not purebred, but who cares? There are only 3 of them and they will be worth a fortune for crypto collectors! So let us introduce them.

The first Gameunculus Cutie is Gen 0 (which is cool, if you know cuties stuff). He’s got a crypto Xmas tree as an accessory, and just imagine how he uses it during a fight!

The second Gameunculus Cutie is Gen 3 (still not bad), and he looks even more cute in his Christmas hat.

The third Gameunculus Cutie is only Gen 7, but he’ll kick any other Gen 7 ass with his mighty wand! We know what you thought, but we meant the one he's holding – with a peppermint taste.

Are you ready to start a battle for Gameunculus Cuties? Wait, we haven’t told you what you should do yet.

To win the cutie

So, to win your exclusive Christmas giveaway cuties follow the instructions.

You’re all set now! The authors of 3 best tweets will get their Gameunculus Cuties. The decision will be based on the quality and the amount of retweets.

We also have some rules for you to follow. You can’t use multiple accounts to participate. You can’t use bots to get more retweets. You can’t use someone else’s texts or images for your tweet. We can exclude users from participation if they violate the rules.

You all know Gameunculus as a tough guy and a troublemaker, but let’s make Christmas extra special by showing maximum cuteness out of respect for Blockchain Cuties!

Good luck to all of you and remember: the earlier you tweet, the more retweets you can get before the end of the giveaway!

Gameunculus’ choice #6
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