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Gameunculus’ choice #6

Another week, another Gameunculus’s choice; you know the deal already. Here are the numbers for the week of Dec 8th to Dec 14th.

We are at a most remarkable stage in our beloved industry. Crypto gaming is already a thing, (hence the very existence of the lovable Gameunculus), but it’s still a very new thing, meaning that 7 days is a loooong time. Each week a game might establish itself as a proper NFT project through one huge sale, while another might plummet faster than you could say “”. Luckily, Gameunculus did his homework and he gathered some neat figures for all you statistic pervs out there. As usual, data courtesy of


For the second week in a row, Decentraland takes the first spot, this time dwarfing their competition. Most notably, this week marked the beginning of Decentraland’s LAND auction, which will run until the 25th of December, so there’s still plenty of time to claim one of 9,000 unowned parcel of land! It’s a good time to be a Decentraland fan, as it seems that they’re going to be rocking it pretty hard at least until Christmas.

Sales total:

Last time around, we saw every featured game take a hit in terms of total sales, but Decentraland was the least affected, claiming first place and dethroning Cryptokitties. Now, it seems that things are a bit more stable, if not better, since the game moved $82,229. This is not even mentioning “Decentraland estate”, where a bunch of money is moved. On December 11st, a sale for a 12 LAND estate was done for $40,084. We like to look at items individually, but Gameunculus insisted that we include it.


Just like a bunch of actual kittens, the Crypto variant can’t seem to stay put. With Christmas right around the corner, the Kitties have donned their Santa hats and released some festive traits. Last time around, they were busy with their first anniversary (quite an accomplishment in the crypto world, by the way), but there was no hangover for the Kitties, as they went right back to work this week.

Sales total:

The sales total, however, is nothing to purr about. Sure, being ranked as 2nd in a Gameunculus ranking is no small feat, and moving $16,634 in a week is also something that many businesses and games would die for. However, not managing to move even a third of what you moved last week (or a fifth if we compare it to the numbers from two weeks ago) is something that will have you hissing!

Axie Infinity

Things seem to be relatively stable in Axie Infinity land. Placing in third for the third time in a row (talk about coincidences), it seems like Axies are here to stay in the top three. After all, there’s nothing wrong with stability. We could all use some, especially when our collective lives are falling apart by the minute. Oh, the Axies have also released an in-game tutorial that will surely bring more players into their game.

Sales total:

The Axies are in a steady way towards recovery, as they have reached a very similar figure to last week’s sales total. This time around, they moved $3,952, a slight improvement from last week’s $3,813. Still, no improvement should go unnoticed, so here’s hoping the Axies kill it next week!

Best-selling items:

Once again, Decentraland shows its dominance not only in sales total, but also by featuring the most expensive item of the week. While still a little cheaper than last week’s 4, 28 parcel of land, which was sold for $3,308. This week’s item was by far the most expensive. Being road adjacent and reasonably close to not one, but two Genesis Plazas can’t be a bad thing, right? This parcel of land is also reasonably close to many districts and other cool establishments, such as the “Visible from VR Shopping District” and the 2nd largest estate, which can be yours by spending the measly sum of 15,000,000 MANA. With so many important and coveted buildings nearby, and with the road right there, it’s clear that this parcel of land is something to write home about, and the fact that it was traded for 45,000 MANA feels just right.

This guy, right here, seems hella cool. Sure, he doesn’t have Christmas decorations hanging from his facial features, and he doesn’t have a funky pattern, or rare aesthetic features… come to think of it, he’s just a regular-ass cat. Look at him. Look at every feature and detail of his face. Half of our readers have a cat exactly like this at home, and WE LOVE ALL OF THEM. Gameunculus has to deal with intergalactic creatures made up of antimatter and colors not visible to the human eye on a daily basis , so crazy Kitties are normal for him! This, however, is not something that he gets to see every day. More importantly, though, is his name. Remember how each Kitty has its individual backstory and name? Well, this boy's name is BITCOIN 2008. Gameunculus quite liked the naming convention, so he adopted a stray kitty and named her ETHEREUM 1979. Anyway, this Kitty doesn’t really seem to have very rare cattributes, and this lazy unit of fluff has catatonic breeding cooldown… the worst one there is. After being bought for 10 ETH, this Kitty was recently listed on the marketplace again, this time for 100 ETH. It seems like his owner wants to hold on to him. Heartwarming stuff.

Remember when a couple of weeks ago we talked about Axie #35? Well, if that Axie was a specific brand of candy, then Axie #361 is the sugar-free variant. That guy sold for over $4,500, and he would have made it to the top of this list, but this week, the best-selling Axie is not so special. We don’t mean to disrespect Axie #361 nor his owners; Gameunculus still finds that it looks really cute (he’s in an interesting age right now). In fact, this Axie is well worth the $229, with its mystic body part (Dreamy Papi eyes) and its status as a pre-sale Axie. He might not make history as the most remarkable Axie ever or the one with the most mystic body parts that we've ever seen, but he needs validation and dammit we’re here to give it to him.

And with that we leave you traders and players alike to keep tinkering with the crypto universe. Do you think that there's going to be a shakeup in next week’s Gameunculus’s Choice? What are your thoughts on these items? Join us for some friendly conversation in our Telegram and Twitter.

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