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Dragonereum's new bounty program

The team is looking for community managers and content creation. They will reward work with GOLD.

Dragonereum recently experienced love and attention from a community member in the form of a long article about dragon genetics. This allegedly rekindled their old dreams of having a community driven game, and led them to announce a public bounty for content creators and community builders.

Dragonereum wants to pay people in GOLD for their contributions with:

  • Articles and tutorials (from 1k to 30k GOLD depending on the quality and outreach);
  • Video reviews and walkthroughs (from 1k to 30k GOLD depending on the quality and outreach);
  • Translation of the game into different languages (up to 50k GOLD);
  • Translation of the whitepaper into different languages (up to 75k GOLD);
  • Creation and management of communities in different languages (up to 50k GOLD paid gradually).

The point is for the game to expand its reach, setting up “ambassadors for every country and language”.

The team is encouraging people to just go ahead and start doing anything that may help the game. No approval necessary. Which… also sounds like there’s no guarantees either? The pay will depend on “quality and outreach,” but there’s no specifications on what this will mean. But if you’re worried about starting a large project (like translation of the game for example) and finding out somebody else has handed in the same thing just a day before you were ready, don’t worry. You can contact the team at [email protected] and they’ll tell you what other people are working on. We’d be curious to know what would happen if someone didn’t let the team know they were working on something and then handed it in before you…

Any thoughts on this bounty? Is it cool to outsource marketing and localization work to the community? Tell us about it on our Telegram, Twitter and Discord!

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