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My Crypto Heroes develops the new Challenging node

Troy, the limited Challenging quest dungeon with unique extensions, will be live from December 14th to the 20th.

My Crypto Heroes has prepared a new Challenging node, for those of you who are too old to wear diapers and to send their heroes on normal adventures. The Challenging node called Troy will be much harder than normal ones, and the extensions you can get there will be much better too. The node will be available for a limited time – only between the 14th and 20th of December – and after that, will re-open randomly.

If you can’t figure out wtf nodes and extensions are, calm down. It’s just the very special language of My Crypto Heroes, and you’ll soon get used to it, same as you got used to your cat’s nasty urinating habits or your girlfriend’s polygamous sexuality. Nodes are the same as dungeons, or raids – places where you can send your warriors on quests or adventures. And extensions are the loot you can get after cleaning bots out of dungeons. They extend the skills and abilities of your heroes, so why not call them extensions, right?

Until now there were 4 quest nodes in My Crypto Heroes. You could get a blade for successful completion of the first one, a musket for the second one, a quill for the third and an armor for the fourth. But forget about all this boring stuff, cause the new Challenging node offers you horses! There are 4 different types, from an Uncommon Elite horse to Legendary Boukephalos. It’s the horse of Alexander the Great! Or maybe just a namesake.

You’ve got some work to do if you want to get one of these biological vehicles and show your ma that you’re a real warrior or even a knight, not a worthless dummy. Your heroes should be at level 60 or higher, and you’ll need minimum 60 stamina for each hero to enter the node. And don’t forget that the Challenging node will only be live for a short time period! And hey, if you manage to get a horse, come brag about it on our Discord and Telegram chats.

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