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'Tis the season to breed Kitties with these seasonal traits!

CryptoKitties are releasing three special seasonal traits to make your Kitties much more purrstigeous.

You can smell the Christmas cheer. Every morning in Crypto Land we wake up to more and more Christmas giveaways and seasonal events, and Gameunculus is loving it! SantaClaws also wanted to join in on the festivities, so he has gifted CryptoKitties players three seasonal traits that will be available until January 7th: reindeer, holiday cheer, and lit!

These Purrstige treats – we mean, traits – are all Christmas-themed, giving your Kitties a festive aura that can’t be matched. Given their rarity and limited availability, these traits will only become more coveted as time goes by, so go, start breeding some of the most beautiful and Christmasy Kitties out there!

You make me feel Christmas is magic again, you little ball of fur, you.

This is the detailed list for the requirements for breeding these little Christmas miracles:

  • Reindeer: Elk and an M2 Purrstige gene (PU24 OR PU25 OR PU26 OR PU27)
  • Holidaycheer: Elk and an M3 Purrstige gene (PU28 OR PU29)
  • Lit: Elk and an M4 Purrstige gene (PU30)

Remember that you can use tools like CKBOX and to look for Kitties with the hidden genes that you need, in your wallet and in the marketplace respectively. Maybe one of your Kitties has that highly coveted hidden gene, which would prove really useful if you were interested in breeding these Christmas Kitties, or making a quick buck now that you’ve discovered a very sought-after cat.

If you want to know more details about how to get these Purrstigeous creatures, check the official CryptoKitties guide. The devs made it, so you really have no excuse here.

Is any of your Kitties a holder of those coveted genes? Come tell us on Twitter and Telegram!

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