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Oink, oink, my friend, or fancy pigs on blockchain

Collecting and breeding pigs-fashionistas

Trying to get into the last car of the departing crypto collectibles train (or, should we say, Noah’s ark full of cats, dogs, horses, dragons, lamas and other amazing creatures) Crypt-Oink introduces piggy-looking animals called Cryptons. Cryptons vary in body and pattern colours, eyes, noses, tails, and they are also packed with loads of accesories - they’re kinda fashionistas. Poor things, like most of crypto collectibles, do not have sex, but can be bred, bought or sold. There are already more than 19 thousand of Cryptons, and we’re looking forward for #20,000! If your tastes are very… singular (but cats don’t work for you), you can try pigs - nothing left to lose, bro. BTW, Gameunculus has all the latest statistics on Crypt-Oink: , share your thoughts with us using either social media or comments on the site.

A new CryptoKitties fancy cat is in fact an octocat
Lumi and Gameunculus partner up
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