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Blockchain Cuties & TRON giveaway: win outfits for your cuties

Blockchain Cuties celebrate their collaboration with TRON giving away fantastic new sets, including two super epic ones.

“It will be one of our biggest collabs ever” – Cuties said about their partnership with TRON, and they’re keeping their word with this awesome giveaway. A TRON casual set, which will be perfect to tone down your fancy cutie, and two futuristic superhero costumes, will be just the thing to boost your more plain cuties’ confidence!

To get them, you don’t need to pay anything, nor do you need to follow, like or retweet – which we all know, is even worse than paying. The only requirement for this giveaway is to enter your email and TRON address here. Don’t have a TRON address? No worries: you can easily get one here.

The first 50 participants will get an item from theTRON swag set (it’s the one we called “casual”, cause we are far from being fashionistas). And 20 lucky random participants will get an item from the epic red or green sets (there’s even a green lightsaber!).

What if you don’t want a GREEN lightsaber? What if you already joined the Dark Side? Come sit by your friend Gameunculus and let’s wait for Blockchain Cuties and TRON create smth suitable for true Dark Lords.

And if you’re in need of more comfort, visit our Discord and Telegram chats. Not gonna wipe your tears away, but we can cheer you up by sharing some inside jokes about crypto game devs.

Xmas has come early in the 0xGames universe with this giveaway!
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