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Xmas has come early in the 0xGames universe with this giveaway!

Wake up and head to the living room, 0xGames players: 0xSanta has gifts for you.

Ahh! The wonders of Christmas. The crushing pressure of looking for gifts for your loved ones, that only seems to increase each year; the slow realization that Christmas is just one big corporate maneuver; disappointing somehow every family member present at dinner – it’s just the best. One of the truly great things about Christmas, however, is the giveaway fever. And 0xGames is feeling festive!

That’s right, sonny. The folks at 0xGames are hosting a Christmas giveaway for both 0xUniverse and 0xWarriors, and they are rewarding all well-behaved cryptochildren. 0xUniverse players will have to put their thinking hats on and come up with a cool planet name. The best names will be selected by the devs to be included in a public poll, and the author of the most popular one will receive a Legendary planet! (the remaining participants will receive an Epic planet). Also, 10 random participants of the giveaway will receive reinforced chests for their 0xWarriors.

Nintendo Sixty-Four? Nintendo Sixty-Schmour! THIS is a good Christmas present.

In order to be eligible for one of the high-rarity planets or one of the 0xWarriors chest, you will have to rename any of your existing planets (you need an 0xUniverse account) by using the “rename transaction” in-game. Once you’ve done that, you'll have to go here and follow the instructions to officially enter. There, you’ll find everything you need to become this holiday season’s luckiest 0xPlayer.

You still haven’t renamed your planet? What are you waiting for! We’re dying to know what name you have chosen. Why don’t you come and tell us in our official Discord and Twitter?

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