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Cubego: flash giveaway and rebate!

A quickie celebration for their OpenSea launch. Get your 1000 Cubegoes and a 20% rebate before 23:59 UTC Dec 12th.

Cubego Marketplace has launched on OpenSea and they’re celebrating by giving away 1000 starter cube packs (of a common cubego) and a 20% EMONT rebate on their entire store – both promos only valid between December 11th 00:00 UTC and December 12th 23:59 UTC.

When asked about the promo, friend of the blog and general EMONT Alliance important person Jarvis Nguyen commented, “Cubego is more than a game. We want to make it a place that players can freely create whatever they imagine, and own their copyrights at the same time. In Cubego, your imagination makes value!”


The packs contain 50 Leaf Cubegoes. Leaf cubes are worth 0.03 ETH. Don’t get super excited – this material is of the common tier. Remember that Epic and Rare Cubegoes (which you need to create Champion and Elite Cubegoes) will not be available after the pre-sale ends on December 31st!

Obviously, each address can only claim one pack. Nearly half were already gone at the time of writing, so hurry!


They’re also celebrating with a 20% EMONT rebate. For our non-native English speaking readers, a rebate means that, for any purchase you make in their store, you’ll get 20% of the money back in EMONT (for ETH purchase, rebate will be calculated at a rate of 1 ETH = 1500 EMONT). They actually give you part of your money back. Rebates are exactly the same as discounts, but framed in a different way to trick your brain into thinking it’s a better deal than it is.

Check Opensea to go look at the Cubegons that are on sale! Featured in our cover are the most expensive one (Mario) and the cheapest one (a free chicken leg!).

Anybody made a Cubegon yet? Share a picture with us on our Twitter, and Telegram. And send us a real chicken leg, Gameunculus is starving us in this windowless basement.

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