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Axie teaches you how to play!

A (very useful) consolation prize for delaying their presale’s launch date

Last November Axie Infinity’s team announced they would be releasing an in-game tutorial. The point was give people a way to learn how to play without having to spend their own money on it. That tutorial is finally here.

People have been playing on their own ever since battle mode launched back in October, so this tutorial shouldn’t change things that much, right? Wrong. Since this game does in fact require quite a bit of strategy – more than many other games at least – this tutorial can actually help you. A lot. Axies have different parts that fulfill different – and sometimes specific – purposes in battle, so before you lose all your ETH planning the wrong moves, go to the tutorial. We know you wouldn’t ask for directions if you were lost and had been driving in circles for hours; but be smart and take the free advice.

Allegedly, the team behind Axie has been collecting feedback from the community since the game’s launch. Having this kind of information will definitely pay off in the short and long run. You can’t top this type of marketing research: using the client’s direct feedback.

Among a few more updates included in their statement were a new battle mode (release date unknown) and some friendly battles to get people accustomed to the game’s ways… so here we are. Waiting. Ain’t we cute?

In the same update they said their Terrarium presale would go live early December. Well today they announced the date for the presale…drum roll please… January 7th. So maybe they’re a little off regarding their roadmap, but the tutorial is your consolation prize.

There isn’t much info regarding the presale, just a blueprint and a tweet stating the Terrarium presale launch, so you’ll have to follow Gameunculus on Twitter and join our Telegram community if you want to get more details when they come! You don’t want to miss a thing.

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