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A new species is coming over to Blockchain Cuties

They’re not blue and they don’t like to collect rings, so we’re safe—for now.

What’s your definition of cute? Fuzzy and cuddly pets with “I love you” eyes? Animals with hats and other human accessories? Creatures from the Dark Souls universe? (we know you’re out there, we won’t judge). No matter what you consider cute, the folks at Blockchain Cuties are probably aware of it, and they got you covered. To the delight of many fans, they’ve announced the release of a new kind of creature into the Cutieverse …

It’s hedgehogs. Beloved earthly creatures of god, internet darlings and protagonists of countless wholesome memes by day; also a source of inspiration for countless unspeakable fanart, sinful fan fiction, and protagonists of equally shameful video games by night. Ask your mother about hedgehogs, she’ll tell you how cute they are; ask about (blue) hedgehogs online, war ensues. Gameunculus doesn’t mean to be so hard on Sonic the Hedgehog, but he has seen too much. He doesn’t smile anymore.

Luckily for other people suffering from PTSD after stumbling upon male pregnancy fanfiction stories featuring Sonic and Tails (sorry buddy, our readers deserve to know the truth), the Blockchain Cuties team are designing cute and colorful hedgehogs that don’t gotta go fast, if you know what I mean. Just regular spiky pals, no funky business.

The arrival of the hedgehogs was first teased during an episode of their Pawedcast, but not much more was known about this at the time of writing. The devs have stated that these new Cuties should be hitting the marketplace very soon though, so make sure you keep in touch with us in our Twitter and Telegram so you don’t miss any updates.

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