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Gameunculus’s Choice #5

As the week of 01/12 to 07/12 comes to a close, Gameunculus crunches the tastiest numbers for you.

Another week, another Friday, that’s how it goes. And you know what’s good about Friday? Getting drunk, yes. And…? Let me finish that thought for you: our weekly installment of Gameunculus’s Choice. This time, we’re covering the amount of money people paid for non-fungible items out there, whether to the devs or to other players. Data courtesy of


It’s really no surprise that Decentraland is doing as good as it is. Hell, if you go to their twitter you’ll see that they have tweets announcing a new partnership up the wazoo. In terms of news concerning this game in a more direct manner, we announced the alliance between Decentraland and Chainbreakers, which also contributes to Decentraland’s already good status.

Sales total:

We are used to seeing Decentraland selling and moving copious amounts of money week after week. Even though they moved less money than in the last entry, Decentraland has managed to climb up the crypto ladder to the top and become the best selling NFT project of the week by selling $77,069.


Last Gameunculus’s Choice’s top project saw a decline in sales, falling down to being the runner-ups this week. Worry not, Kitty lover, as this seems to be just a bump on the road. The CryptoKitties devs announced that they are celebrating their first anniversary by releasing new sets of challenges and badges, so the CryptoKitties are going nowhere, and we’re here for it.

Sales total:

The amount of money that CryptoKitties moved is still something to be proud of. Cryptokitties moved a considerable $55,037, but that’s still $30,000 less than what they moved last time around.

Axie Infinity

Things have not changed much, in the sense that we have two crypto games that are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of money that they move. A bronze medal in the Olympics can be seen as a “uh, thank you for nothing” award, but being the third best selling NFT project is still a massive achievement.

Sales total:

Axie Infinity follows the same pattern by also seeing a dip in terms of money moved. In the last week that we covered, Axie Infinity moved more than $10,000, but now, that figured dropped down to $3,813. They still move more than double the amount of money than their closest contender, CryptoVoxels, so they seem to be safe in third spot… for now.

Best-selling items:

Being a good scout and somebody who can easily identify potential will be greatly beneficial for you in Decentraland. The most important factor when calculating the value that a parcel of land has is the expectations of it being a high-traffic area. This parcel is only two parcels away from the road and is close to three other valuable parcels of land, including the Terry Crews Museum. God, I wish that existed in real life. It’s also important to note that this parcel of land was auctioned 10 months ago, and it was bought for a little bit over 8,000 MANA. That proved to be quite the investment, considering that this recent purchase of the same parcel was for 48,000 MANA.

In a surprising move, the 2nd most expensive asset does not belong to the three games that move the most amount of money. CryptoPunk made a big sale this week, kicking Axie Infinity off the podium. The name alone of this asset carries enough weight. It’s not even the first CryptoPunk. It’s CryptoPunk Zero. Her attributes are not out of his world, though: she shares her green eye shadow with 270 other Punks, while 146 other female Punks are rocking the same blonde bob hairstyle. In fact, compared to more extravagant peers, this Punk leans towards the “boring” part of the spectrum. However, it feels as if Punk #0, in a world with 10,000 peers, has to look this way. It attributes fit its name and ID like a glove, and the difference between its price and the average CryptoPunk price speak for itself.

Although surpassed by CryptoPunk #0, this Kitty is a sight to behold. Right out the bat, it’s surprising how this Kitty was sold for $2,084, considering that an average Kitty would have cost you a little bit more than four bucks. What could have made this eggshell boy be so expensive? Well, for starters, he’s a Dreggo, one of the three fancy CryptoKitties that could be obtained just before the Kitty Clock stopped releasing Gen 0 Kitties. By the way, what separates this Dreggo from most of its contemporaries, is the fact that he’s a Gen 0, so he’s a pretty big deal. If you have fallen in love with it (not that we’re judging) you can go and get it right now, by paying 100 ETH. Yeah, we’ll let you decide.

That concludes the fifth installment of Gameunculus’s Choice, bringing you what you really want to know about your favorite crypto games. We’ve presented this neatly in our twitter too, so consider taking a look around. We’re also eagerly waiting for you in our Telegram chat.

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