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Kitties unveil new feature – with unintentionally creepy pitch?

New Offers System lets players bid on cats that weren't even for sale! Successful bidders are charged 9% of their offer

So, today it seemed like the Kitties team was pitching an app for sex slavery:

“You come across your dream Kitty. The sumptuous fur, the enticing pattern, the dazzling eyes –– perfection. Plus, it's got the exact traits you're looking to breed with. The only problem? It doesn’t belong to you, and it’s not for sale.” – a Kitties’s blog post

Sure, a feature designed to help me breed with that hunk with the dazzling eyes I saw on the street, who – dammit, I see no price tags attached – is not for sale. Look, it’s the end of 2018 and we’re at the end of our ability to experience shock. Our disbelief is permanently suspended – like Gameunculus’s Instagram account after his tasteful nudes phase.

He titled this one “Hangover”.

The feature

What if you want something, but it’s not yours to take, but you have money, goddamit so you deserve it! Ok no, let’s start over, still sounds wrong…

Imagine the owner of an amazing Kitty is not thinking of parting with their hard earned pet, but they’re desperate for money; through the Offers system, you can coherce them to give away their pet for money and we just made it sound worse didn’t we.

Whatever, you get it. Players will be able to bid in ETH on Kitties that weren’t even on sale to begin with.

How does it work?

  • There’s a fee of 9% of whatever amount you’re bidding if your offer is accepted, declined, or canceled (by you) within three days (to be collected by Dapper Labs).
  • After three days, offers expire. You’ll get your money back, but you’ll be charged a flat rate of 0.008 ETH (to be collected by Dapper Labs).
  • If an owner declines your offer, you can choose to cancel early and pay the 9% fee, or wait for the offer to expire and pay 0.008 ETH. It’s not brain surgery.
  • Players can bet on absolutely any Kitty in the game, but of course, the cat’s owner can decline an offer.
  • There can be more than one bid on a cat. If the original bid gets outbid, the original bidder must raise or retire.
  • The owner of the Kitty can only see the highest bid at any given time, so be quick to raise, if you got the dough. You’ll be notified if another bidder tries to snatch that cat from you.
  • Bidder’s rate and fees will be held in escrow by the smart contract until the offer is accepted, canceled, or expires.

Fees may change?

Yep. According to the team, the fees aren't set in stone. “We’re starting with 9% and will experiment with different rates and offer durations to find the right balance. Whenever we tweak fees we’ll let you know in advance.” – that same blog post

For any Kitties players out there – does this change your game plans? Thinking of initiating a bidding war? Last week a Kitty sold for amount– is this too much? Not enough? Who is the demographic for this!?

Let us know your unprofessional opinion on Telegram, Twitter and/or Discord. Or don’t – who needs you.

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