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My Crypto Heroes launches Duel Mode, announces Knight Battle

PvP fights are playable in demo, and Knight Battles for land are coming next year.

There’s two new exciting developments coming from My Crypto Battles: a demo version of Duel Mode has gone live, and a Knight Battle mode has been announced for the new year.


My Crypto Heroes went PvP: you can already fight in a duel, though not all functions are active in the demo version. The devs are quite the free spirited hedonists; there’s no pious one-on-one duels here. Only duels à trois. Might be more ...satisfactory?

Choose your fighters, build a squad of 3 and choose an opponent wisely. The example below illustrates an unwise choice... look at these stats! This Mozart lookin dude with 51 hp is seriously overestimating himself. Like David against Goliath. But losing, cause it’s real life, and miracles aren’t real.

Since duels are in demo, there still isn’t a ranking system, you just gain points for winning. Duels require 5 stamina per hero, and stamina has to end some time, so it’s not an endless kind of, erm... satisfaction.

Knight Battles

The new year will bring Knight Battles to My Crypto Heroes (well the year won’t, the devs will). It’s also a PvP event, not some bots BS – and these battles decide who will be the owner of the land. Becoming a lord and land owner will bring you various profits and benefits, like the ability to collect huge taxes and the noblemen’s right to the first night.

You don’t have to be noble or chivalrous to fight in a duel; just be your sloppy self! And if you can’t win fair and square, win any way you can (sucker punches aren’t banned that we know of). What do you think of duels in general, and of My Crypto Heroes duels in particular? Come and share your opinions on our Discord and Telegram chats.

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