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Cubego review

You can now build your own ERC-721 collectible characters, and secure their copyright on the Ethereum blockchain!

Cubego is the newest project from the brilliant minds who brought you My Crypto Heroes and Etheremon: the long-time top game publisher, EMONT Alliance. Our recent interview with Etheremon co-founder Jarvis Nguyen kinda won a Pulitzer prize, so we know you’ve awaited our next EMONT related article with bated clicks. This week, Cubego’s building feature and battle demo are hot off the press, and Gameunculus ain’t about to stop milking this any time soon. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: a Cubego Review.

All you need to know about Cubegoes


Cubegoes are the prime material that you use to build Cubegons: your copyrighted ERC-721 characters. Upon registration (read more about this at the end) you’ll receive 300 Basic (plastic) Cubegoes to sculpt your masterpiece with.

Most Cubegoes are tokenized – but Basic Cubegoes are not tokens! As such, they cannot be transferred between addresses. The rest you can transfer as much as you like.

The silver lining is that Basic Cubegoes are reusable. A player could technically stock up on Basic cubes and use them for every Cubegon their imagination can fathom. You can dismantle a Cubegon and make it into a different one, just like with human children.

Strengths and types

Study up on all the Cubego types and strengths here. This is important because once the battle feature is live, the materials your Cubegons are made of will affect their energy levels and performance in battle.

TL;DR Cubegon materials are classified in 5 tiers according to strength – Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common and Basic – and each material can have several sub materials, belonging to one or two of the following types: Fire, Water, Air, Grass and Earth. Epic and Rare Cubegons will not be available after December 31st.

Pre-sale and Early Bird offer

Feeling ritzy? Run to the official store and pick up some Wood, Stone, Iron, Silver, Gold and… Ice? The Early Bird discount (5% off) ends Friday, December 7th, so hurry up! And don't worry, the actual pre-sale ends on New Year's Eve. Seriously, why the hell is Ice on par with Silver.


There’s also a referral program! You can get 5% of the money your friend spends on the pre-sale if you get them to come over. Gameunclus has no friends; turns out telling people they’ll have to pay for 5% of your meal next time you get lunch together is not a great way to make them.

The building feature

We gotta say, we were skeptical at first. You put some colored blocks one on top of another; what’s the big deal? No matter who you are, one thing is certain: right now you are seriously underestimating how much fun this can be. And we’re 100% not just saying that, and we did not get paid to say this either. And if you don’t believe that Gameunculus cannot be bought or bribed, just test it for yourself. Send us some money.

The building feature is just complex enough that it will entertain an adult, but not so complex that it will discourage a dumb adult.

This is Gameunculus’s creation, a little minion called Munky. He originally wanted to name him Gaymunky, after his grandfather. It took him a second.

Like we said, the UX for the building feature exceeded our expectations in terms of complexity. Each command has a keyboard shortcut. It’ll take you just a minute to memorize them, and you’ll be deftly switching between the X, Y and Z planes in the grid (20x20 to start, but expandable) to add, erase and paint Cubegoes in your Cubegon. Other tools allow you to copy and paste layers, delete entire layers, and zoom in and out in the viewer. For an elegant demo of the process, watch this video. And for our own scrappy version of a demo click here

The building feature includes some default templates: a puppy, a bird, and what Gameunculus thought was a reindeer (turned out to be a bull). You can also save your own templates. Watch your Cubegon’s stats change in the Estimated Stats range as you try out different materials. Once you’re done, click Check Out. You’ll have 12 hours to get that bad boy tokenized for life. Make sure you have enough ETH to purchase the amount and type of Cubegoes you used!

Future features


The battle feature has not launched yet. Once it is up, you’ll be able to engage in PvP battle and earn rewards – Cubegoes, EMONT, special items, Cubegons, and battle moves. At the moment you can see a preview of a battle featuring your Cubegon vs. Iron Man, but there's no player control in it. It’s free of charge.

Battling itself will not carry a fee – buuut it will, because you’ll need to recharge Energy in order to battle, and a complete recharge will cost about $15 dollars in ETH (minimum recharge, $5).

Watch a battle demo here. Look at them bounce and drink milk! It’s… true that blockchain games have a long way to go in terms of graphics and animations, huh.

Gaze into our crystal balls

In the future your Cubegons will be able to fight alongside each other and gain owner's titles. You’ll also be able to craft weapons and gear, form Clans, unlock Clan Achievements, raid dungeons and challenge other Clans. Offline Cubego summits and Cubego Tournaments are planned, and of course – AR and VR as well.

Everyone’s a critic. But not every critic has the incredible internet traction we got. If you’ve tried Cubego’s building feature, share your own uninformed critiques on our Telegram and Twitter

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