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0xWarriors: pre-sale is over, beta is coming

After a successful pre-sale, the new 0xGames project is revealing more gameplay details.

Remember we told you about the new battle game by 0xGames – the game developers behind 0xUniverse – called 0xWarriors? Btw, if anybody knows why these guys are so keen on their 0x prefixes, share your knowledge. We get it, it’s a reference to wallet addresses, you’re so clever.

The game’s unoriginal title did nothing to prevent a successful pre-sale. It closed on November 30th and brought in over 4,000 EOS, which is more than $8k. Swimming in their vault of gold, the devs are now ready to reveal more details about 0xWarriors.

An open and fully playable beta will be released before the end of the year – so, soon. Just sleep through the next couple of weeks and voilà – you’ll be able to play 0xWarriors in a perceived matter of seconds. The game is launching on EOS first, with TRON waiting in line. TRON had previously been kinda like a fancy social club that many games wanted to enter, and now, look at it! Waiting, like a girl on The Bachelor.

Anyways, the point was 0xWarriors will be a multi-blockchain game, no offence meant to any blockchains.

An unlimited number of heroes will be available for you in the game, but you’ll be able to form only 10 squads of 5 recruits each. There are warriors, ranges and mages, and all of them differ in rarity and equipment.

They also differ a lot in parameters like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Damage and Resistance. You can train your warrior, and if they (that’s right, cause there are girl warriors – there’s no sex discrimination in blockchain games) do well in a battle and survive, they get a chance to receive extra points and improve parameters.

Let the “best parameter” battle begin! Join our Discord and Telegram chats, we’ll be happy to hear you supporting Strength and disapproving Intelligence!

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