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Lordmancer II bites the dust

The years-old mobile game couldn’t take — afford — the heat. It will be closing its castles’ doors soon

Lordmancer is the first — wow! Another first — mobile MMORPG where players can trade with crypto in an open game market, using the in-game currency Lord Coin. The game, available for Android and iOS, allows you to mine and spend cryptocurrency both in and outside the game. It features an open game world in which you fight other players in tactical battles for territory and rankings. You can also gather (ah... could have also gathered) an army to fight your enemies and eventually become the Lordmancer.

Less than 2 weeks after releasing version 2.0, Lordmancer II has announced they are putting all development work on hold in a statement they put out on December 6th. They apologize to the gamers that have been playing since its early beginnings years ago — Lordmancer I that is. Here, they try to rationalize the end of their happy days like a desperate divorcè rationalizes that the hot pool boy he hired was the reason for his marriage's end.

The team behind Lordmancer II had been working hard during the last year to improve the game, but for all their efforts, they just couldn’t keep their numbers up (I think they make pills for that sort of problem, guys). Most new users would call it quits on their second day of play. The team blames their downfall on a lack of marketing attempts and, basically, a lack of funding, as they mentioned in their official statement. And here’s the kicker: they were able to raise over $1mm during their ICO, but they spent nearly half of it advertising the ICO itself. So this is pretty much a self-own, isn’t it.

That, and the price of Ether dropping (it) like it’s hot since the beginning of 2018 made the company reach the end of its pockets, consequently halting new developments for the game. And you know that in this business — as it is with sharks — if you can’t move forward, you die. Even with no new upgrades coming, the game will continue to run online until its servers shut down in a few months’ time.

Please, share your thoughts and prayers in Gameunculus’ Telegram or tweet them at us like everybody does in these tragic situations.

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