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Ding! á table pre-sale is live!

Come get your Yummy mix while they're still hot (and cheap).

Back in November 20th, the folks at à table announced that a pre-sale for their cooking-themed game was in the works. That was eons ago, and you know what they say, the best food is the one that takes time in the oven. Well, except for microwave brownies. Have you tasted them? Anyway, the pre-sale meal is ready, and we know you’re hungry.

As previously covered, à table’s pre-sale lets players buy Yummy-mixes, which contain the ingredients you need to bake your own ERC-721 token, called a Yummy. The fun part is that your Yummy will be baking in the oven for the entirety of the pre-sale, which will last three months. Everything about your Yummy (except for the race, which you can choose) will remain a mystery until Serving Day (the pre-sale end), when your Yummy will finally come out of the oven. A 3-month-long gestation and I get to pick the race? Get Elon on the phone – we’re calling it Tesla Toddlers.

Yes, Gordon, couldn’t have put it better myself.

A very important thing to keep in consideration is that these Yummy-mixes become increasingly expensive each time they are purchased. If there ever is a situation where the phrase “first come, first served” is more applicable than with this pre-sale, we hereby vow to shave Gameunculus’s back and sell his intergalactic fur on eBay (so we can buy some more Yummies).

The last incentive for players to take part in the pre-sale is that pre-sale Yummies have increased chances of coming out of the oven with a super rare gourmet body part. This does not only mean that your Yummy will look more delicious, but it will also be that much more expensive and rare. And no, Gameunculus, calling your favorite body part “gourmet” won’t get you far on Tinder.

Come and grab your Yummy here! And afterwards, let us know which class you chose in our Twitter or our Telegram chat.

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