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Lifehack: cheapest ways to start playing the top 5 crypto games

Gameunculus takes out his abacus and calculates the smallest possible budget you’ll need to start playing the most popular crypto games.

If the question was “How much money should you ideally spend on blockchain games?”, Gameunculus would answer: “All the money you have and more!”. But Gameunculus is a big spender, and we know not all of us can afford to take the kind of risks he takes. There you are, defeatedly reading statistics about the most expensive NFTs sold in a week, mumbling “do I really need a digital picture for the price of a sports car?” I mean, maybe you do – but it’s certainly not required. That’s why today we’re answering a different question: “What are the most affordable ways to start playing the top 5 blockchain games?”. You’ll be surprised you actually don’t need to sell a kidney and a lung in order to acquire your first in-game items! Oh – you already had the surgery? shit.

All prices and USD equivalents featured in this article were valid at the time of writing (December 4). But these markets are changing by the second. It's probable that the items we mention won’t be available when you read this. For our readers’ convenience, we've included links to the "cheapest collectibles" and "most expensive" filter at OpenSea and in-game marketplaces, so you may check the current prices for yourself. We did not include gas prices, because they are as changeable as Gameunculus taste in girls, and it means they are VERY changeable.


Required costs

Of course, you’ve heard about Kitties sold for hundreds of thousand of dollars. Hell, last week, even a year after the Kitties craze, the most expensive Kitty was still worth $1,257 (not a hundred grand, but still a lot). You might’ve thought it impossible to get a Kitty for under 100 bucks – and you’ve never been so happy to be wrong. The cheapest CryptoKitty in their in-game marketplace costs 0.0737 ETH ($7.84). And, whoopsie, there’s also a bunch of extremely cheap Kitties on OpenSea starting from just 0.0026 ETH ($0.28).

Ugh. It’s like looking into a bin of discount orphans. Hang in there, uglies!

For comparison

For comparison, the most expensive Kitty in the in-game marketplace – which, by the way, they call a Catalogue, because of course they do – is 100 ETH ($10,634). On OpenSea, somebody estimated their precious Kitty at 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 ETH. We won’t exchange it into USD cause we lack the zeros, but this Kitty is worth the whole universe (to that one person)!

You think quite highly of yourself, don’t you.

Optional costs

So, to start playing CryptoKitties I only need $0.28? Well, if you wanna start breeding you’ll either have to double the price, or just transfer a small amount of ETH to another player for siring with their kitten. Btw, breeding itself also costs money: 0.008 ETH ($0.85). No free love in this world of digital kitties.


To start playing CryptoKitties you'll need:

  • $0.28 for your first Kitty (required)
  • $0.28 for another Kitty (optional) if you want to breed them
  • $0.85 for breeding (optional) to get an offspring Kitty
  • gas price (required)


Required costs

Etheremon can seem a very fitting game for the frugal player — new players get three Mons, and are only required to pay for gas!

The prices really change daily; at the time of writing, the cheapest Mon in the in-game marketplace was Kyari, going for 0.017 ETH ($1.81), but by the time this piece was in editing Mintol had taken her place as cheapest, going for 0,008 ETH. Following this slope, we assume by the time you read this Mons will cost negative money, which – considering that both Mintol and Kyari were already available as free giveaways in the first place – they kind of already do.

The cheapest Mon that you absolutely cannot get as a free giveaway is Yumee, worth 0.02 ETH ($2.13). The cheapest Mon on OpenSea is 0.02 ETH ($2.13) too, but you can get this one for free; and you’ll have to pay 0.06 ETH ($6.39) for a non-free Malakel’e.

For comparison

The most expensive Mon in the in-game marketplace costs 100 ETH ($10,644), and it’s a free Omnom. Yeah – you could also get it for free. Good luck with that sale! The most expensive Mon on OpenSea is asking for 175 ETH ($18,627). What’s the highest offer so far?


Optional costs

Though you get your first Mons for free, you can’t fully enjoy the game without paying more and more. Every training (and you’ll need this for sure) costs 0.001 ETH ($0.11) and to explore the objects on adventure you’ll have to pay 0.01 ETH ($1.06) per object.


To start playing Etheremon you'll need:

  • $0.00 to get your first free Mons
  • $2.13 aprox to buy a better Mon (optional)
  • $0.11 for every training to empower your Mon (optional)
  • $1.06 to discover objects on adventures and get a chance to grab some loot (optional)
  • gas price (required)

My Crypto Heroes

Required costs

My Crypto Heroes, Etheremon’s partner in the EMONT Alliance, is now having a crowdsale. Don’t be shocked by the prices! Though the cheapest Hero in the crowdsale, Rare Emperor Nero, costs 0.055 ETH ($5.85), you can grab Jack the Ripper on OpenSea for only 0.021 ETH ($2.24). Jack was one of the airdrop characters that you could get for free, but even if you didn’t take the chance when you could, his current price is doable.

For comparison

The most expensive Hero on the crowdsale is Legendary Joan of Arc for 17.591 ETH ($1,872). Can’t decide if feminists should be delighted with the high price or outraged that you can buy her. The most expensive Hero on OpenSea is Epic Masamune Date for 47.44 ETH ($5,050). What would this honorable Japanese ruler and warrior do, if he knew he had become a NFT token? Probably commit harakiri.


To start playing My Crypto Heroes you'll need:

  • $2.24 to buy your first Hero
  • no extra costs for now!
  • gas price (required)

Blockchain Cuties

Required costs

Wow, seems like we’ve found the most affordable top game to enter! Blockchain Cuties users sell their collectibles in the in-game market at an extremely low price of 0.0011 ETH ($0.12)! The cheapest Cutie on OpenSea is 0.01 ETH ($1.08), so we recommend checking the in-game market first.

For comparison

The most expensive Cutie in the in-game marketplace is 456 ETH ($49,393), and it might be a joke. The most expensive Cutie on OpenSea is 2.932 ETH ($317.58), and it looks more realistic.

Optional costs

You’d better get two Cuties to breed them. Breeding is far less expensive than in CryptoKitties (what a slap in the face of the collectible sexual market!): it’s only 0.001012 ETH ($0.11).

If the Cuties’ uncovered sexuality makes you uncomfortable, why don’t you get them some clothing? It’s not necessary, but will empower you characters in battles. Here’s the cheapest possible outfit for your Cutie:

  • Jester’s Hat — 0.0001 ETH ($0.01)
  • Aye, aye Captain! (It’s an accessory) — 0.01 ETH ($1.08)
  • Leather Bracelet — 0.0001 ETH ($0.01)
  • Biker’s Jacket — 0.0495 ETH ($5.36)
  • Fly Swatter (surprisingly it’s a weapon) — 0.002 ETH ($0.22)

Total: 0.0617 ETH ($6.68)

And if you don’t want to wait for days to breed your Cuties or send them on adventures, you’ll definitely need some potions. The Elixir of Life is 0.0001 ETH ($0.01), and the Adventure Potion is 0.0002 ETH ($0.02). We recommend you to buy these in batches, cause paying gas (which is several times bigger than the item price) for every single item is really silly.


To start playing Blockchain Cuties you'll need:

  • $0.12 for your first Cutie (required)
  • $0.12 for another Cutie if you want to breed them (optional)
  • $0.11 for breeding (optional)
  • $6.68 for an outfit to make your Cutie stronger (optional)
  • $0.01+ for elixirs and potions to decrease breeding and adventure cooldowns (optional)
  • gas price (required)

Axie Infinity

Required costs

Compared to Cuties and Kitties, even the cheapest Axies don’t look so cheap. The lowest price in the in-game marketplace is 0.0287 ETH ($3.05), and it’s exactly the same as on OpenSea.

For comparison

The most expensive Axie in the in-game marketplace is 99,999 ETH ($10,633,894). The most expensive Axie on OpenSea is the same, and the auction ends in 274 years. Maybe somebody will buy it after brain slugs have enslaved all of mankind in 2231!

Optional costs

You need 3 of these to build a team and fight! If this is not the case, you can just adore your digital collectible, or breed it. The cost of breeding is medium, at 0.002 ETH ($0.21). These Axies know their value.


To start playing Axie Infinity you'll need:

  • $3.05 for your first Axie (required)
  • $3.05 for your second Axie if you want to breed (optional), or $6.1 to buy 2 extra, to build a team of 3 Axies and fight (optional)
  • $0.21 for breeding (optional)
  • gas price (required)

Well, now you know how to start playing with just the $3-$5 you saved from your school lunch money. If you don’t want to spend a single cent, come to our Discord and Telegram chats, or Twitter, and ask Gameunculus to write an article about free-to-play games. Yep, there are some on blockchain. Interested? You know what to do. Cheers!

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