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Iron Throne changes its name and kicks off pre-sale

The Game of Thrones reference is sadly gone, but an exciting pre-sale stage begins.

Some time ago Gameunculus covered the basics of a game that claimed to be the first multiplayer war game on the blockchain, called Iron Throne. Well, that was a couple of weeks ago, which is a lifetime in this frantic industry. Now that game has been renamed Imperial Throne, the developers are officially inaugurating the pre-sale stage, where Heimdall tickets are up for grabs.

Players that are not familiar with Iron—Imperial Throne might be asking themselves the following question: who in the blue hell is Heimdall and why does he have so many tickets? Well, he’s a Norse god (the watchman of gods, actually) who happens to be played by none other than Idris Elba.

References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe aside, Heimdall tickets are an integral part of Imperial Throne. They are ERC-721 tokens that serve as a ticket to enter the game itself. No Heimdall ticket, no party. The twist is that there are several Heimdall rarities: common, rare and legendary. The rarity of your Heimdall ticket is a symbol of status and has great collection value.

There he is… the rarest Heimdall…

Only ten legendary Heimdalls were offered during this pre-sale, and all of them were sold in a grand total of six minutes. But don’t despair, as one new legendary Heimdall is generated every time that 90 regular Heimdalls are sold.

Why are legendary Heimdalls so coveted? Well, aside from the bragging rights, players who have a legendary Heimdall will play in the alpha stage as Lords, claiming ownership of a coveted piece of land. If they are defeated three times in a row, that land gets confiscated and put back into auction, so you gotta stay sharp.

There’s not much left to do other than enter the game. Since this is the first alpha test, they’re looking to fix balance and stability issues, and they have promised to reward players who provide helpful advice, so you should consider joining their Telegram chat just in case. We also have our own Telegram and Twitter, and we’d love it if you check them out.

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