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Blockchain Cuties partners with TRON

One of the most exciting crypto games out there is now associated to one of the most exciting innovators in blockchain.

This deal was a long time in the making, but it paid off: the folks behind the lovable Blockchain Cuties have partnered up with TRON! Through this effort they hope to bring their community to a bigger market, while at the same time tackling scalability and speed issues.

Like Gameunculus’s pupils after a pre-game joint, TRON as a platform is expanding rapidly; more than 20 dapps built on the TRON protocol have been released since October. One of the main features of TRON is that it handles 2,000 transactions PER SECOND, whereas ETH only handles 25. If you don’t see how this is a significant upgrade, then you should go take a nap and then read this again with a clearer mind.

This has been described as a development that will give Cuties the ol’ Daft Punk treatment; make them better, faster and stronger (though not harder, I guess). That sounds super cool, but the idea of making already powerful creatures bigger and stronger evokes premonitions of a humankind enslaved by furry ERC-721 tokens. Does nobody think about the future children anymore?!


Silly paranoia aside, the Blockchain Cuties team is understandably high on the TRON protocol. Their CEO, Vladimir Tonko, went as far as to say that they see Tron not only as an opportunity to bring new players in, but as “(the) future of all decentralized applications”.

To top it all off, the Blockchain Cuties team will be hosting two giveaways! Golly, it feels like Christmas and apparently Gameunculus was a very good boy… or creature? Cryptid? Ah well. Make sure to stay tuned to the blog for any updates, there we’ll tell you what these yummy giveaways are all about. We’re also waiting for you in our Telegram chat and our Twitter.

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