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Chainbreakers: first scene, Honor system and new partnership

Wander around the game temple and learn more about honor system rewards and Chainbreakers’ new partner, Neon District

The newest game in the Decentraland universe, Chainbreakers, is making headlines left and right today. They’ve released a demo scene, announced an honor system with sweet rewards, and partnered with Neon District!

Let’s start from the top. Gameunculus is not that law-and-order type of guy, but we’d better stick to the headline order chosen by Chainbreakers devs:

Demo scene

The first demo scene for the game is out. Not only can you watch a teaser, but also get into the game (well, a small piece of it) as well. You’ll see the temple, some pathetic (probably dying) trees, and huge fat cacti. Oh, and the skeleton of an unknown monster: he’s broken the chain linking his soul to this unfriendly world. There’s also a couple people inside, and they look provokingly cheerful. All in all it looks like a new South Park episode about Ancient Romans. Not sure if the devs wanted to give that impression, but if they did, they definitely succeeded.

Honor system

Honor can be acquired by buying gen0 items or bundles on the Chainbreakers marketplace and by referring friends. Not very honorable, huh? But forget about ethics, cause there are fantastic rewards: a collection of ultra rare pets that follow the user’s avatar. Just take a look at this cutie!

It’s a baby hydra, and if you cut one of its heads, it will grow three more! Well, maybe it won’t in the game, but it could!

Neon District collab

And last but not least (hm, in this case we wouldn’t say that), the Chainbreakers and Neon District collaboration. The devs claim that they “are working on something that will connect the games”. Ok – how, do you imagine, would a strategy RPG about ancient times possibly connect with a cyberpunk one? You can’t imagine how? That’s cause you are not a dev! We’re sure these guys will think of something incredible.

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