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PVP has finally arrived to Chibi Fighters

Mythereum integrated PVP into this already extremely popular game

In addition to having released weapons almost two weeks ago, Chibis are now ready to battle different Chibis!

After weeks of anticipation, PVP has arrived to the Chibiverse to make Gameunculus’s life better. This means you’ll be fighting other Chibis — players — instead of just monsters. Hey! Maybe now you’ll get a real chance at winning. Now that you are all geared up, go fight other players in exciting live matches. And let’s not forget our lovely Axie companions. As helpless as they are, they sure are cute.

Since you’ve had some time to get familiar with the several common, rare, and mythic edition weapons available in the game, it looks like you’re ready to go snatch up some Chibis’ cargo! Exciting, right?

Ok, let’s dive into the rules of this new feature. First of all, your Chibi needs to be SP-Level 1 or higher if you want to stand up to other fierce little warriors. You need 1 PVP ticket per fight. These tickets take 24 hours to reload. You can only get rewards from opponents with higher or equal PVP points as yours. To fight, there will be a list of warriors with similar PVP points and level as yours from which you can choose.

Now that you’re updated on the latest and greatest cryptoverse news, stop wasting your time here and go play!

P.S: Go to Gameunculus’ Telegram to discuss the potential success of Chibi Fighters, and check out what’s the word around town.

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