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World of Ether is now LIVE!

More than 200 unique creatures and $30,000 in rewards are waiting for you in this exciting new game.

World of Ether, a game with an engaging world where you can collect, breed and trade creatures called Etherians, is now live and ready for you to play.

You can check some of the basics in the official guide of the game. There you’ll find everything to be the best Poké—er, Etherian master out there.

Currently, rewards in ETH are being given out to players who do well in battles and discover new Etherians. So far, there are about $30,000 in rewards, but as the game progresses and players reach heights within the game, more rewards will be given out.

One such example is the yet to be discovered Etherians. If you’re a lucky player that discovers an Etherian, you’ll get a reward. The rewards for a Legendary Etherians (the rarest kind, duh) go up to $10,000!

The rewards don’t stop there, though. The game is currently in a trial period where battles do not give any experience. Instead, there are tasty rewards waiting for you in the form of ETH. These are the current rewards that you can get for playing the game:

  • If you complete 20 battles, you have a chance of receiving an Etherian egg.
  • If you’re the first to win 100 battles, you’ll get 4 ETH.
  • Everyone who wins 25 battles has a chance of winning $7,500.

Yes, that’s not a typo. $7,500 just for winning 25 battles. This is only until the 5th of January, so you better start playing if you want those prizes.

If you have any additional questions, you can go ask fellow players in the WoE Discord server or follow the devs on twitter. If you want to further support the devs and spread the message of crypto creatures that can be bred, try copping some of their official merch.

With that being said, there’s not much left to do other than START PLAYING!

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