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GOLDER Coin (GLDR) now trading on CoinBene

In a surprising turn of events, you can now change your GLDR for ETH in CoinBene.

Golder Games, the company behind WAR FIELD (that has to ring a bell, hasn't it?), has made a surprising announcement. From now on, you will be able to sell your GLDR coins for Ethereum on CoinBene.

Avid readers of Gameunculus and members of the crypto community may remember the WAR FIELD token controversy. People had their doubts about GLDR and Golder Games in general (and rightfully so), but things turned out fine with WAR FIELD once they started paying out tokens. Still, this announcement comes as a surprise to many who thought that GLDR wasn’t entirely trustworthy.

Against all predictions, it is possible to trade all that GLDR that you’ve made killing your opponents in WAR FIELD for Ethereum! Our crypto blogger friend, CryptoZombie, has already done that, selling his 75,000 GLDR or a whopping 14.8 ETH. All achieved through gameplay.

In other words, now is as good a time as any to get trading and start playing!

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