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Get your OG kitty before they’re all gone!

The Kitty Clock will stop releasing Gen 0’s this Friday.

On November 30, the last ever Gen 0 kitties will be born. The Kitty Clock has been releasing Generation 0 Kitties every 15 minutes since its launch, but after this Friday, the Clock will stop and these rare cuties will cease to be produced.

Alongside Gen 0 some other genes will be retired as well.

To celebrate — is that the right word? — Cryptokitties is giving away 4 Gen 0 kitties! Let’s remember everyone, Gen 0’s are special because of their rare new traits and their breeding speed is faster than that of any other kitty. Since they’re limited and there will only be 50,000 ever, after Friday it’s Bye-Bye Kitty.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the gene will no longer exist; if you breed two of your Gen 0’s kitties you get a Gen 1 kitty, and so on. Some of the Gen 0’s rarities can be passed along. As you know, every cat in the game is descended from a Gen 0, which makes them extra peculiar.

Ok, back to the giveaway; 3 of the last ever Gen 0’s will go to three lucky winners, but the real top dog here — top cat in this case — will be the one who takes home the very much anticipated Dreggo the Magnificent.

So remember kids, come Saturday, your Gen 0 Kitties will be even more special. If you haven’t got one already, better hurry before GU gets them all!

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