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War of Crypto announces early access stretch goals

Check out some of the sweet rewards that first supporters of War of Crypto will receive.

Rewards are always exciting, are they not? As Gameunculus previously covered, War of Crypto’s early access started on November 11, and in just over 10 days they have sold more than 4,000 early access crystals. To celebrate that success, the War of Crypto team are giving away some nifty rewards for people who support the game during the early access phase.

The first of said rewards is also the easiest to obtain, so hooray! To obtain this reward, all you gotta do is join their telegram. Seriously. That simple. Even Gameunculus’ grandma can get that reward, but you don’t wanna see that, it’s not a pretty picture. Anyway, the catch is that this is only for the first 2,000 members that join their telegram community, so you better get joinin’.

The first 2,000 members of their telegram community will receive this sick bird with a special skin (not pictured) and boosted IVs. Woot!

But oh dear lord, that’s not all. As described in the title, the early access sale will have its own stretch goals. This is the breakdown of said sale, with each stretch goal coming with a special edition skin and boosted IVs (click on ‘em while you’re at it, you know you wanna):

So yeah, the clock is ticking and you might want to hurry up before all 15,000 available crystals are sold. Head on to While you’re at it, tell us what you think in our Telegram chat.

By the way, remember the last time we talked about War of Crypto? In case your memory is failing, it was to talk about their first ever multiverse hero. Well, it’s time to feast your eyes and see Goard in action on the Minecraft server Pokéfind.

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