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CryptoFights giveaways

Who loves giveaways more than Gameunculus? And he’s ready to share the good news with you.

The soon to be released — and in Multiverse, thank you very much — CryptoFights, a roleplay blockchain game in which you battle other gamers in a sort of medieval battle arena is giving pre-sale bonanza giveaways They are giving away 25 Veteran’s Lucky Charm items, special one-handed daggers with 1-4 pierce damage, that you can wear since level 1, and GU’s feeling pretty lucky himself. But don’t get ahead of yourselves; to be eligible you first need to score some major points.

You can collect points to win one of the twenty-five Veteran’s Lucky Charm, a Multiverse enabled asset through 9, yes, you read that right, 9 different methods to accumulate points.

In addition to be giving away free stuff, which let’s face it, is motivation enough, CryptoFights will be available for Android mobile, and all you gotta do is download it on the Google Play store. Just like that. Easy peasy. You can buy cool-named armors and weapons, like a Quarterstaff of agility or the Nirvana, among others. Since they are ERC-1155 tokens, they’re completely yours. You own that shit. You need Enjin Coin (ENJ) to play and because the tokens are ERC-1155 they have the possibility of “creating fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible tokens.”

You can go to their gleam site and enter the contest but hurry up! You only got 9 days left to play and win as many points as your time schedule allows you to.

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