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Iron Throne marches into the battlefield this winter

A game about war. Called Iron Throne. This WINTER. Talk about a match made in heaven!

You probably already know how things go, every now and then a new crypto game pops up claiming to be the first in just about any video game genre. With that Debbie Downer statement out of the way, Gameunculus believes that this game ticks all the right boxes, and it’s worth at least a couple of minutes of your time for you to check it out.

The main objective of the game is to, duh, fight wars against other players. But you’ll also be bidding for lands and mining Iron Throne Tokens (ITT), the currency of Iron Throne. The twist of the game, however, is that you have two different playable roles to choose from, lords and tribal leaders.

Different playstyles, y’all!

A lord has many duties that are more rewarding but are equally as risky. They can take control of lands, mine ITTs, collect rental incomes and recruit soldiers to initiate wars. For players who are in the mode busy or casual side of the spectrum, there is the option to play as tribal leaders. Tribal leaders cannot initiate wars and need to pay a lord rental fees to be able to mine, but they enjoy Iron Throne freely, perfect for you to dip your toes into the game if you have crippling commitment issues!

Iron Throne offers a load of additional in-game mechanics that make it more interesting. You fight your wars with soldiers that come in three different varieties: The spearman, which beats the cavalry; which beats the archer, which in turn beats the spearman. As complicated as that might sound, it’s just a medieval version of the classic Pokémon strengths and weaknesses dynamic that we all know and love. The soldiers are most likely to be sweaty bloodthirsty men, so don’t hold on hope for brightly colored rats this time around.

Things get even more spicy when you take into account the fact that only ONE of these types of soldier can be brought into battle. The game even uses Lanchester’s equation, a mathematical equation actually used to determine military strength, to determine outcomes, for crying out loud! So how’s it going to be? Will you bring a small amount of soldiers for a safer approach? Will you purchase a buttload of soldiers and risk it all to have better odds at winning? Man, why can’t we get rich and good at games without thinking!

Currently the game is only set to be compatible with MetaMask supported browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, but social media integration and the launch of a dapp are currently planned, so you can be at war aaaaallll day long!

For more details, go visit them at their own website, and keep in touch with Gameunculus for all your crypto gaming news and articles.

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