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Enjin's new QR scanner makes crypto more approachable

Enjin is, as usual, on its quest for mass adoption of blockchain. Here's their latest step in said quest.

With Enjin's newest feature, the Enjin Beam, you can now scan a QR code and receive assets immediately. The point of this, explained by a disembodied Aussie voice in this video), is to "lower the barrier of adoption (of crypto) to the floor". Send your friends QR codes so they can easily receive a token! Yeah, because you have tons of friends who are crypto savvy enough that they wanna be receiving a token, but not enough that they can handle it without a feature designed to be grandparent-friendly.

It's not just for friends to send their friends collectibles though. Enjin has bigger things in mind, like enabling companies, groups and entities to easily offer customers and members blockchain-based items, which could be collectibles, but also things like discount vouchers, prizes, redeemable points; whatever will get the common folk into crypto, I guess!

Remember you can mint your own tokens on Enjin here. If you're some kind of company or institution looking to send people digital items, you can mint your own token and then send an email to Enjin to have them create a QR code for you ([email protected]).

And, there's a giveaway!!

Of course there is. In celebration, you get a chance to win some of the 3,674 items, backed by a total of 146,350 Enjin Coin (ENJ), that are up for grabs. Read their official blog post to access the QR code, and for a full list of their prizes!

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