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Treat Fighter Competition: win unique fighters and tokens

The Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition runs for 2 weeks allowing you to get a Bronze Treat Fighter and up to 5,000 CHI

Remember that game we told you about like a month ago — the one with yummy fighters? Now Treat Fighter is holding the Open Beta Competition, where you can win unique warriors and a handful of CHI, their game tokens. The competition started yesterday and it will last for 2 whole weeks, but it might take ages to download XAYA Electron Wallet and get some CHI to play, so you better hurry up.

If you get enough Prestige to enter the leaderboard, you’ll be eligible to win a unique Bronze Treat Fighter and be the belle of the ball, since they won’t be available again later in the game. With the price of teeth implantation they will truly be unbeatable! We advise you to take Bronze Treat Fighters seriously and save them for your worst enemies. In addition to these unique fighters (which will soon become widely known as the Great Dental Destroyers), players can win various amounts of CHI — 5,000, 2,000 and 1,000 for the three lucky leaders, and 100 for the following twenty.

Gameunculus claimed that he had tried the game before and even became the leader, but unfortunately beta was so buggy that he lost all his progress and that’s why he can’t go bragging about it to anyone. Btw, even if Gameunculus is building things up a little to impress crypto chicks, beta could really have some bugs. And you could lose all your treats, candies and progress — easy come, easy go, it’s just beta!

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