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Dinner’s ready! à table serving first pre-sale

Do you *hunger* (wink, wink) for a new crypto gaming project? Well look no further, your prayers have been answered!

à table is a game that promises to blend animals and foods (we've been doing that exact same thing for several millennia, it's called being an omnivore, but anywho) in a browser-based exploration game filled with adventures on food-themed islands. The game is scheduled for release in late 2019 / early 2020, and they’re kicking it all off with their first presale, starting December 5. Grab a bite!

The items to be up for grabs are none other than the "Yummies", the protagonists of this food-related crypto game. As you might have ventured to guess, Yummies are cute animals that are made from food-related items. The twist is that what will be up for presale are not the Yummies themselves, but rather a “Yummy-mix”. These mixes will contain all the ingredients necessary for you to bake your very own delicacy from the animal kingdom. 3 months after the start of the pre-sale, the so-called Serving Day takes place. In it, your mixed ingredients will become into fully fleshed Yummies! My mouth waters just thinking about it.

This presale includes three different… flavors, if you will, of Yummies. The pioneering races are bunny, salamander, and unicorn, with each one having different strengths and weaknesses. Your Yummies can’t be just for show! Your team of Yummies will be key in determining the success of your adventures.

(As long as they don't add something like deep-fried raccoons, we're cool with it.)

Oh, for all of the crypto-geeks out there that might have al ready guessed, the Yummies are ERC-721 tokens. What do all those letters and numbers mean, you say? Well, it just so happens that Gameunculus did a comprehensive guide for them here.

This game is being developed by EverdreamSoft, and it is designed to be a part of its BitCrystals ecosystem. This means that assets from Book of Orbs, Spells of Genesis cards, Rarepepe items and BitCrystals will offer the player different advantages.

One last thing. Since it’s tradition around here to let you know about the latest crypto-gaming news, you should know that once the presale starts, each time a Yummy is sold, they become a tad more expensive. So yeah, you might want to consider saving the date and buy early.

You can follow the game devs here, and be sure to stick around with Gameunculus to be in the know of the most delicious scoops in crypto gaming.

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